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If your name is Troy, you need this helmet...
Race Face' new all mountain CARBON! chainset. Only 30g heavier than their NEXT XC chainset (which should make it about XTR weight or less). One for the weight conscious freerider (and we know they're out there)
More from the 'light but strong' Six-C all-mountain range. A carbon bar, 220g and 710mm width.
Lots of great new colours and finishes from Race Face for next year, including a full range of coloured freeride bars and some great chainring and crank finishes.


It's big and flat, like a pancake, only it's grippier than a pancake.
Super thin flat pedals mean more control. The Canfield Brothers seem to be on the right tack.
The info from this is in my bag somewhere, but it's a lightweight trailer that can carry some huge loads. The mounting system appears to go over your existing rear QR, though I may be wrong.
Some super-nice finishes from Lapierre for their bikes, including this Froggy 718 - this is the bike that they're pitching against bikes like the Nomad.
Super plush DH bike designed with Nico Vouilloz.
Lapierres now come in at lower price price points, as seen by this Spicy 216. Not bad for 'entry level' eh?
The top end version of the new, full carbon Zesty - the 914.
Here's the new Enduro. Chunky travel for not so chunky weight
S-Works XX chainset on the new top end Specialized Epic
What's wrong with this picture? It depends if you work for SRAM or not and object to Specialized putting their own triple chainset (and XTR mech) on the front of their XX groupset in order to make this new Stumpjumper the first production 30 speed mountain bike we've seen. We'll put this under the 'Just because they can' column.
Specialized never were ones for sticking to the rule book...
OK, here's one JUST for the ladies. Guys always go on about how comfortable bib-shorts are, but unless you're not planning on stopping for a wee, it's not usually that practical for girls to wear them. Now Gore Bikewear present their solution... Here's the front, with boob-friendly bibs, but the real clever stuff is round the back.
Nice wide, comfy bib and a pair of backed zips on each side. Unzip them and you now have a pair of shorts that can be slid down for those calls of nature.
Simple - and we reckon they're going to be popular. Handy trail-side bush not provided.
Lake is one of the few cycling shoe companies that seems to 'get' winter boots. These are smart, grippy and not too spaceman-like
A what? A fillet-brazed, Break-away Ritchey tandem? In XL? This can only be Tom Ritchey's bike and NOT appearing on an ebay near you any time soon.
Drool, retro boys! Drool!

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    914 looks ace, would love one (with decent tyres)

    Those lakes don’t look as good as the celsius but they’ve ditched the lacing system (quick and comfy but a weak spot) and hopefully the ankle will be a closer comfier fit.

    A breakaway tandem is pure genius! (if a little bit ugly)

    Will that be the cheaper Lapierre DH then?

    the most steelable (pun intended) bike of the show; particularly as you could dis-connect the lock with the breakaway b/b fixing and front Q/R!

    Hmmm more info on the trailer please, looks exactly what i am after 😀

    The good thing about Lapierre is that the best colour bikes are on the cheaper bikes….

    Entry level? Wow! that looks superb. Lovely looks, as ziwi says.

    Need those Race Face bits, maybe..

    we’ve just got some 214 & 314’s in at my workplace. they look awesome in the flesh!

    Ditto, dig about your bags and find some more info on that trailer please

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