Kona’s New Lacondeguy Frame

by Ben Haworth 8


“I really wanted a bike that was clean and simple,” says the 20-year-old Clump rider from Barcelona, Spain. “Something made specifically for really aggressive tricks.” Yes, Andreu’s English is getting better.

Kona designers picked Lacondeguy’s brain over the course of the last year to come up with a bike design that could live up to the talent and punishment.

The result is a bike made entirely of high grade Reynolds 835 cromoly steel tubing.

Kona’s hype machine says: “Embracing the snap and shock absorption of steel, and applying it using a stiff, oversized front triangle design, joined with a short, snappy rear triangle, all in the name of epic standover and premium performance, we’ve crafted a serious gem”.

“This bike is insane. Really super sick,” says Andreu, who has been riding his first signature model since early July.

The Lacondeguy Inc. is available as a frame only.

Other features of the bike include a 1.5-inch head tube, internal headset, super steep sloping top tube, integrated seat clamp bolt located under the rear stays, badass flat black paint job, and minimalist graphics (like, none).

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  1. “This bike is insane. Really super sick,” …hmmm you’re so right

  2. Look at the length of his brake cable. I know it’s for super sick tricks but it could get caught in the wheel or something. Danger.

  3. Who’s the midget in the cap?

  4. He’s the “clump rider” of course. Perhaps he got clumped on the head?

  5. If only Kona would make more of there frames look this nice they might become a popular choice again

  6. Any vids of him riding it?

  7. “This bike is insane. Really super sick,” …hmmm you’re so right

    I think its compulsory – if you jump a bike you have to talk bollocks 🙂

  8. he’s an amazing rider. He can double backflip ( and land ok)

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