2010 Genesis Bikes

by Ben Haworth 39

The complete unexpurgated Press Release from the Genesis Men…

Core Series:
The Core series has always been the understated workshorse of the Genesis range. For 2010 we took what was already a great frame and strived to improve it – New lighter round-tapered top and down tube saves ¼ lb in overall weight and avoids inconsistent wall thicknesses of hydro-forming tubesets. The lighter gauge rear stays also vastly increase ride comfort. With the same proven geometry as last year’s Core bikes and a lighter, vastly improved ride feel the 2010 Genesis Core range should have wide appeal. Prices from £599.99srp – £1199.99srp.

Core 40

Core 40 (£999.99srp)
– Matt XTR grey frame w/ green anodized decals
– New 6069 ALX-9 TB frame / Rockshox Recon 351 UT 85-130mm
– Shimano SLX RD / New Deore shifters & chainset / New Shimano 575 brakes (white)
– DT Swiss X450 rims

Core 50

Core 50 (£1199.99srp)
– Gloss ‘Ano’ Purple frame w/ Pewter metallic decals
– New 6069 ALX-9 TB frame / Rockshox Recon Race 120mm with Maxle Lite
– Shimano XT RD / New Deore shifters + chainset / SLX hubs + brakes
– DT Swiss X430 rims
– Premium Genesis finishing kit

The result of on Altitude on steroids! The Alpitude keeps the winning Reynolds 853 tubeset of last year but gets a 0.5˚ slacker headangle for 2010. This combined with Rock Shox’s new 2010 Revelation Race 120-150mm U-Turn Maxle Lite fork should make for an extremely capable all-round trail bike that won’t shy away from the rough, steep descents. A proven full SLX groupset with XT Shadow rear derailleur and Maxxis 2.35” High Rollers completes the bike.


Alpitude – £1699.99srp
– Gloss Pewter frame w/ Deep orange anodized metallic decal
– Reynolds 853 frame with 0.5 deg slacker HA/ New Rockshox Revelation Race U-Turn 120-150mm Maxle Lite
– Shimano SLX groupset w/ XT RD
– Welded Alex XED44 20mm rims
– Maxxis High Roller 2.35” tyres

iO & iO ID:
Last year Shimano Alfine became widely accepted by the UK mtb fraternity as perfectly capable and reliable in its offroad format. We also realised that many people with existing singlespeed mtb frames would perhaps be looking towards a possible Alfine upgrade in the near future. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have secure all the cables with all those unsightly cable ties and have proper routing??? Mmm, well we’re on the same wavelength. For 2010 both the iO and iO ID share an updated Reynolds 520 frameset with removable bolt-in cable guides, leaving you an easy upgrade to Alfine if you plump for the iO and the option neatly swap to singlespeed on the iO ID if for some reason you find 8 gears too much. Both bikes use a 32T cranks and the frame is designed around a 100mm fork.


iO (£599.99srp)
– Dark Bronze frame w/ White decals and fork
– Reynolds 520 frame with bolt-in cable guides for Alfine
– Rigid Cr-Mo fork
– RaceFace Ride XC 32T chainset
– New Shimano 486 brakes (white)

iO iD

iO ID (£1099.99srp)
– Gloss Mid Yellow frame
– Reynolds 520 frame shared with iO
– Rockshox Recon Race 100mm
– Alfine gearing
– Shimano 575 brakes / Race Face Ride XC 32T chainset

Altitude Series:
The geometry of the Altitude frame suits UK trail riding so well we decided for it to remain unchanged for 2010. You’ll also be pleased to know the quality materials with which the frames are made also stay – x2 bikes with Reynolds 520 tubesets, x2 with Reynolds 853 and the range-topper with a custom-drawn Titanium tubeset. All bikes now come with rack compatible stays and dropouts and upgraded forks. With a slight re-jig of price points within the UK market the Altitude 20 now has the appeal and ride quality of last year’s Altitude 30.

Altitude 00

Altitude 00 (£799.99srp)
– Gloss Cobalt blue frame w/ Pewter metallic decals
– Reynolds 520 frame / Rockshox Tora SL coil 100mm
– Shimano Octalink M442 crank / New Shimano M486 brakes (white)
– New Deore shifters / mechs

Altitude 10

Altitude 10 (£999.99srp)
– Gloss White frame w/ Pewter metallic decals
– Reynolds 520 frame / Rockshox Recon 351 U-Turn 85-130mm
– New Deore cranks / shifters / front mech
– Shimano SLX RD
– DT Swiss X450 rims on Shimano M495 hubs

Altitude 20 (3)

Altitude 20 (£1449.99srp)
– Gloss Cool Grey 4 / Cherry ano metallic decals
– Reynolds 853 frame / Rockshox Reba SL 120mm Maxle Lite
– Shimano SLX 20mm front hub / Deore rear
– New Shimano Deore chainset / shifters / front mech / brakes & Shimano XT RD
– DT Swiss X450 rims, Premium Genesis finish kit

Altitude 30

Altitude 30 (£1799.99srp)
– Gloss Cherry frame w/ Pewter anodized metallic decals
– Reynolds 853 frame / Rockshox Reba Race 120mm Maxle Lite
– Shimano SLX hubs (20mm front), shifters and front mech
– Shimano XT chainset, RD and brakes
– DT Swiss X430 rims, Premium Genesis finish kit

Altitude Ti

Altitude Ti (£2799.99srp)
-Ti frame with Cyan anodized metallic decal
– Fox F120RL 15mm axle, new FIT damper
– Full Shimano XT groupset throughout
– DT Swiss X430 rims, Premium Genesis finish kit

Altitude Ti Toptube

Comments (39)

  1. Is the ’10 RS Recon much improved, ‘cos on a 1200quid bike I’d be expecting something a wee bit better.

  2. what was actually wrong with recons? bit heavier than rebas but they were decent forks. oh, and prices have gone up again this year so don’t expect the same kit for less money like we used to get.

  3. I like the new look. A lot more coherent than pervious years. Subtle and understated.

  4. Saints alive! I’m utterly smitten with the iOiD. Perfect for North Devon mud.

  5. Good looking bunch, shame really… the prices are so far off the scale there’s no chance of seeing any on the trails!

  6. Shame they haven’t added a 29er to the range as my lbs stock them 🙁

  7. Are you sure about the prices being that far off the scale, given the low value of the pound? I’d have thought these prices are on a par with equivalent offerings for full RRP.

  8. Liking the Altitude Ti – very classy!

  9. They look really nice. the finish on the Ti frame especially…I just wonder what will make them stand out enough from the crowds of decent, well specced mid range steel, Ti and Ali hardtails with RS and Shimano that are on the market right now…

  10. Considering price rises across the board, I’d say they’re pretty good value. The Ti altitude is beautiful – really nice and subtle.

    I’ve decidied to cyclesheme an iOiD when it comes around again in December.

  11. I hope the welding has improved over last years alpitude

  12. Still not keen on the Core, but the alptitude and altitude look awesome.

  13. Well considering my financial position and potential loss of the current fleet I certainly think a Core 40 or equiv Altitude could be the replacement when I’ve money again.

    And if you think value is poor I’d stop looking at new bikes coming for 2010 now. I very much doubt you’ll be getting better kit on similar frames for less apart from your odd suppliers like Boardman and Focus. But then only maybe.

    Pound is down and prices have risen. have you been in a coma for the last 12 to 18 months?

  14. YAWN! I can’t see a unique reason about any of them to separate them from any of the more credable trail bikes on offer from the likes of Dialled, Cotic,On One, Ragley…..

    I think they are boring and playing catch up with brands that have grass roots credibility…

    Only thing going for them is availability….. but the again , who wants boring, NOW!

  15. Obviously very subjective but I wouldn’t describe them as boring at all, just subtle and understated. With the exception of Cotic (who don’t make a frame big enough for me), I’m not keen on any of the frames produced by the above companies in terms of aesthetics.

  16. As Genesis bikes are made for and are distributed by Madison, there is no reason why if they wanted to be cheaper than the competition that they couldn’t be.

    As the UK’s official distributor of Shimano I dont think it’s to far fetched to think that they get groupsets cheaper than some other bike manufacturers.

    Also as the distributor of Genesis Bikes is also the bike company then there is one less mouth to feed.
    Eg: normal chain = Far Eastern manufacturer/Bike Company(for example Kona)/Distributor(Paligap)/Bike shop/Us.

  17. I have nothing to say about the bikes themselves, but I’m utterly horrified by the grammar of that press release 🙁

  18. I’m not sure that Ragley bikes have much credibility ATM as only about 4 people in the entire World have ridden them.

  19. The Abyss will be in the 2010 range as a complete bike and as a frame only.

  20. Thanks, glad the new look is working, we’re really chuffed with the new range.

    A couple of comments / points / q’s answered if i may, just to clarify,

    “As the UK’s official distributor of Shimano I dont think it’s to far fetched to think that they get groupsets cheaper than some other bike manufacturers.”

    A common misconception, i wish it were the case! Madison distridute shimano aftermarket, Genesis buys small amounts of OE shimano from the supply agent in Taiwan like everyone else. There’s no link to Madison’s distribution at all, we actually pay more for shimano than most brands do due to our smaller volumes (a few % of the big 3’s volumes). We stick to shimano as madison can back it up 100% via aftermarket stocks.

    “Also as the distributor of Genesis Bikes is also the bike company then there is one less mouth to feed.
    Eg: normal chain = Far Eastern manufacturer/Bike Company(for example Kona)/Distributor(Paligap)/Bike shop/Us.”

    true, but we also have one or two more than Halfords brands, focus, online brands etc.. i think we’re good vfm overall when you look at the detail like shimano hubs and cranks and the back-up service our supply chain can offer. I know what most bike brand margins are and ours are lower than many, i can assure you we’re not about to buy a pad in the alps anytime soon )

    “I can’t see a unique reason about any of them to separate them from any of the more credable trail bikes on offer from the likes of Dialled, Cotic,On One, Ragley”

    Ok this is very subjective but i’ll bite – apart from geometry, ride feel and design style, what seperates any bike brands and what makes one brand more ‘credible’? How do you make a bike perform? By having a clue about what you do and doing it with the right motivation and aims, and to me that’s credibility summed up. This idea that smaller brand equals more cred, i don’t see the logic there.
    The above brands are definately credible. Trek are also highly credible, yet they are a huge brand – but the design is still done by riders who care about the product. Same here, we just have fewer staff and focus on the uk market only. But we develop bikes in the same way as the above brands, I think we do a credible enough job, feedback and riding the bikes tells me that.

    “Raceface cranks?” – yes, unf shimano don’t offer a 32 single as an OE option. Last years iO ID used a shimano double with the inner ring binned, but it was a too-pricey way to do it.

    The Abyss – we hadn’t got a pic in time, shame as it’s one of the best looking bikes in the range. Similar round / taper tubes as the Core, Rev 140mm fork, RF crank.. pics to follow then.

    James / Genesis

  21. My bike to work scheme has a max of £1000 which is frustrating as I fancy the more expensive offerings.

  22. don’t underestimate the ride quality of a £1000 bike though, the Altitude 10 is a great ride for the money. it’s hard to beat cr-mo for ride-feel-to-£ ratio!

  23. Just to let you folks know that we at The Hub have stock of 2009 IO ID’s-new and ex-hire. We’ve run them on the hire fleet and they have performed really well-testament to a good bike. They are available after 35rides, which really just runs the Alfine hub in:) and the cost is half the retail. We have a few new ones left that will go onto the fleet if not sold. we’ve also got some 09 ti genesis at 09 price!
    -both Trace and I ride Alpitudes-and we love them-I had a P7 before and the geometry was spot on but lacked the spring of the Reynolds tubing which really makes a difference to the ride. The genesis bikes are well designed and great for UK trails-you just need to get over your bike snobbery!

  24. I’ve got the 09 IO ID and I can honestly say it’s the best bike I have ever had. The finish on these bikes are superb. Money well spent.

  25. emma, you’re probably one of the only people with iO ID’s for sale at the moment! We’ll always look after anyone that buys one from you so it’s like a transferable warranty (as long as they look after them!)

  26. Do you think I could convince my wife (who knows a fair bit about bikes) that the io id only costs £500?

  27. Actually, as an objective comment, fitting the ioid with decent mud tyres would probably have been a good move. 2.2 MKs were the worst tyres I’ve ever owned.

  28. MK’s are a bit condition-specific tbh, great in some places, not great in others. But we didn’t want the iO ID to be pigeon-holed as a just a mud bike (more a ”different kind of transmission’ bike) so the same tyres are fitted on all xc/trail bikes. I expect if you buy it as a serious mud-plugger you’d buy tyres to suit your area / ride style etc?

  29. “The genesis bikes are well designed and great for UK trails-you just need to get over your bike snobbery!”

    Couldn’t agree more. Have had my Genesis Altitude 853 Frame (custom build with Maverick SC32 forks, XT/SLX kit etc.) for about 9 months now, and every time I ride it I’m reminded just how good it is! And to think I’d all but given up on hardtails, as everything else I’ve ridden is either too flexy, or too stiff and unforgiving, then I bought the Altitude frame on a whim… 😀

    Incidentally, loving the red look of the 2010 Altitude 30, definitely a good look. Though I still love the “Nickel” finish on my Altitude frame, LOADS of people ask if it’s Titanium until they get up close and see the Reynolds sticker!

  30. Will there be a 2010 Croix De Fer?

  31. my altitude 853 is the 07 model with the under top tube cable routing and to be fair is my fav bike its built up a little posh with king, use carbon, hope and salsa and full xt drive with 100mm reba’s it just rides sweet a proper all day anywhere and any how bike.

    the first time i came acrossed one was when i tried steve’s at atg soon after i had one and iv’e never looked back even mark are madison rep agree’s that for the money the genesis range is just good value and fun (he doesn’t bull or hard sell ever anyone thats meet him will agree).

    and to be honest who really wants a super grass roots neash any way seems that every man and dog has a neash bike these days every where you look theres these rare hard to get neash’s go mainstream your less likely to see a mainstream bike lol

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