Singletrack Classic Weekender – The “No Love Lost” Category

by Ben Haworth 22


People In The Bike Industry Category


Lap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4Total
1st Andrew MEE KONA BIKES18:02.9119:20.1020:09.9619:35.611:17:08.58
2nd Cotic CYCLES Cy TURNER19:09.0920:07.2020:21.9020:27.251:20:05.44
3rd Sam SINGULAR CYCLES21:18.9719:58.0420:46.2519:00.831:21:04.09
Kona's Andy Mee receiving his trophy from Councillor Mainey earlier today.

Comments (22)

  1. I love the ‘No expense spent’ recycling of unclaimed trophies.
    Great pose too guys!

  2. as the counciller with the white teeth said ‘shake my hand and smile’ 🙂

  3. pah! I beat all 3 of them, where’s my trophy!!

  4. Goan big man! Looks like all that secret training is paying off, Mr Mee.

  5. Best sunglasses of the weekend too Mr Mee.

  6. chris boardman looky likey i thought at first

  7. I believe there was a representative from Madison trying to go under the radar. How about a special mention?

  8. And what about Mr Magura?

  9. Next year I reckon we’ll have an industry sub-category. That won’t be competitive at all, no siree…

    robyzf1 I have photos of said representative pushing up a hill. Worth blackmailing them? 🙂

  10. Sim,

    Reckon, also post some of them on here as well! He’ll really appreciate that! What with him being the least competitive person that I know he’d take it with good humour and not at all be embarrassed or upset!

    Do it!

  11. Rob, you are a dirty dog, think your screen name should be “bigwoodenspoon”. I thought it was a race just between us? If there is an industry trophy award next year I think I had better start training now 🙂

  12. Moi, dirty dog? Surely not. Also, you’ve just identified yourself piling on more pressure for next year.

    Also, I know I was pushing up most of the hills but you never told me this was your new style 😉

  13. Ladies, ladies, ladies put the handbags down 🙂

  14. time to post those pictures Sim!

  15. Hi ‘mystery’ industry rider 😉
    Did you get the pics I mailed over? Maybe you can show Rob? Maybe not though, eh?

  16. Yeah, thanks Sim, I will show rob them when he pops rounds next 🙂

  17. No probs Phil. Oops! 🙂

  18. Looking forward to it already Phil 😉

  19. Was this mystery man riding top end Shimano kit by any chance?

  20. Next year will be different!

  21. will Phil be pushing his bike DOWNHILL?

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