Out Of Office

by Ben Haworth 8

You may have been wondering why the front page of the site has been quiet this week. Well, we’ve all been in Morzine on the 2009 Singletrack Magazine Reader Holiday hosted by Flow MTB.

A full report will be in the next issue but in the meantime here’s a little teaser for y’all…

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  1. Ha – this is like “what happened next” on question of sport… Matt? what did happen just after this film ends…hmmmm 😉

    Was a great week guys (and gal) – we should do it again sometime!

  2. Fantastic riding thanks all ;]

  3. Where’s that trail? We’re off to France next week and Wifey’s promised me a day off to go and play on my bike.

    Sriously, any tips that would help me make the most of a free afternoon in the Morzine area would be very welcome. I’m more of a cross country rider so not really into the uplift and extreme downhill side of things

  4. that trail is on the way down to Samoens from Les Gets.. there is no uplift from the bottom of it. unless you get yourself a van sorted! Best bet is to speak to Gareth @ endlessride.com – he takes groups down there most weeks.. and has the added bonus of a van with trailer to bring you back. The climbing alternative is about 1.5 hours…..

  5. Thanks. You may call me odd if you like but the idea of a 1.5 hour climb has some apeal for me.

  6. well that didnt look good at all I mean why go there,…. in the sun with dry trails…….fast dry trails…and sun…..!!!

    Looks wicked looking forward to next mag any ideas when its out???

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