No Busman’s Holiday Thanks

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Once a year I like to get away from it all. And by that I mean I like to have a week away from bikes! Now don;t get me wrong – I love bikes. I’d be in the wrong job if I didn’t, but to get to my desk every day I have to walk past dozens of them. I get to ride the finest bikes in some of the world’s finest places to ride fine bikes and I love every minute of that. But I also love chocolate pudding. I mean I love it with a passion. I’d give up a starter and a main course if I had to just to get to the pudding… With custard. But I love it so much because I don’t get it every day. Luckily, I don’t get to ride bikes everyday either and so I don;t get sick of them. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t need to get away once a year and just forget about work, read some books and chill out by a pool. And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing over the next week. I’m off to Teneriffe for a week. It’s a proper beach holiday. All inclusive… stack of books (Extinction, Choke, Some book on Brands that Sim’s lent me) and beer! I’ll be kept company by Despatch Fairy Claire who will be absorbing enough sun for more than the both of us. I’ll be the one in the shade, with the mohito and the factor 20.

There’s a mountain or two out there. I might check it out when I can’t face any more reading or an iPod of Trance. Not sure the chances of dragging Claire away from the pool or the karaoke to go trekking up an extinct volcano are particularly favourable, but if you happen to be out there and you spot a sandaled, pale bloke with a Pace floppy hat and a load of bike branded t-shirts and no bike, then say hi..

I’ll be back in a week… gagging for a bike and a cup of tea.

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