Magura 2010

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Magura marketing honcho Martin ‘man of a thousand retro jerseys’ Schaefer has just been in touch about their 2010 products. He reckons they are looking more at consolidation this year and refining what they already have.

What’s the score Martin?


Louise Carbon
Now in race-white finish and a wide selection of rotors types and sizes.


Durin Marathon
All Durins next year will be available in five standard colours (white, black, yellow, red, silver), the white model with additional white fork crown.
Durin Marathon now with DLO+ instead of Albert Select damping system.

DLO + with improved shim setup for an even more responsive fork.
Now with a real blow-off which allows the fork to reactive to big impacts even with the fork being locked out.
Typical scenario: You fought you way all the way to top with the fork being locked out and then without freeing the fork again dive into the first descent.

New adjuster knobs with better ergonomics and improved cable fixing for RLC remote version. Cable end disappears within the adjuster knob for a clean and elegant look.
New damper oil for better performance at low temperatures



White fork crown

Albert Select + with improved shim setup for an even more responsive fork.

Now also available with tapered steerer (1 1/8 / 1.5)

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Comments (7)

    the 140mm looks shorter than the 120mm – forks wound down for the pic?

    Review of the 2009 Thor in the ‘about to come out’ issue of Singletrack magazine.

    Damnit!!! I just purchased a 2009 thor to go on my nice new 2010 white evil sovereighn frame with a white acros headset. The 2010 white crown would of looked sick! Grrr. Anyways, the magura stuff is sick, i got 3 bikes 2 with magua brakes and forks and the other has magura brakes and 40s. I strongly recommend magura kit to any rider!

    I agree, my Menja’s are awesome – seriousl;y thinking about some Louises

    09 kit will be upgradable to 2010 spec IIRC.

    interesting verdict in today’s Mag. agree that the linear nature of 2009 models make them dive through travel far to easily, and when you add more pressure it’s hard to benefit from full travel.. still trying to get the best out of my Menja and Durin 100 forks… but I still love them.

    What’s happening with the Durin 80 / 100’s for 2010?

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