July 3rd/4th 2010 – The Singletrack Classic Weekender 2

by Ben Haworth 25

stcwYep, that’s right. Last weekend’s event was such a total success that we’ve already agreed with the guys at Lee Quarry to do it all over again next year.

Stick these dates in your diary: July 3rd – 4th, 2010.

You can even enter online already!

Go and have a rummage in our online shop for the entry form and stuff.

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  1. I concur, hooray.

    Got some timeto get fit

  2. I just tried to enter but can’t. There’s no ‘buy’ button or whatever it should be.

  3. I have tried but no luck – booo.

  4. Works now – thanks guys – see you next year….

  5. im so chuffed, still gutted i missed competing last weekend! will have to make sure im not injured for next year……..

    im assuming the same format, or some extra’s being planned….

  6. Count me in. Dave, can you reserve tent location and pack the life saving gazebo. Maybe we’ll see some entrants from luton

  7. Looks like I’ll have no excuse next year then, big question do I camp or walk the 2 miles home……

    Think I’ll camp

  8. Camping in the quarry was good!

    Should have some new trails built up there by next July perhaps even a link out over to Cragg Quarry! Some of the new trails could be built specifically with the weekender in mind, lots of scope to come up with some new and interesting additions to the event!

    Any suggestions as to what we could add to the weekend?

    Numbers will be limited to around 300 participants a few more than this year but small enough to retain that special feeling! Might need two fires! Trees we cut down in Healey Nab make good fire wood.

  9. Brilliant fire TonyL and yes 2 would be a good idea if we had more people. The one on Saturday night was immense!

    For next year I would actually like to see a night section on the Saturday night. Somebody did say – ‘what about the beer?’ but Friday night is better for this, what with the XC race being on the Sunday.

    But I don’t know if this would require a special sort of trail to be made. Alot of my riding through the year is after work when it’s dark so a night specific design would be good for that. Purhaps the new bridleway would be an intersting smooth fast decent. How multi-user does it need to be and how much mtb fun could we get into it? I just looked on the map and I reckon it’s about

  10. Damn it working next year so unless I can get a shift exchange you’ll need a new fire monitor.

  11. New route across the moors will be multiuser but built with mtbs firmly in mind. Problem with a night section that time of year is it isn’t dark till really late. Getting first aid cover etc would cost a lot more. Still I will look in to it.

  12. Just ideas – Or maybe a double track for doing drag races? side by side racing would be cool.

  13. Dual Slalom is already on the list.

  14. Le Mans style running start to the cross country?
    Some form of beer relay race?

  15. what about beer jousting!

  16. Looking forward to it, just bought my entry, am planning this followed by 10 @ Kirroughtree the following weekend :-0

  17. Its going to end up like its a knock out!

  18. Ha! Over one of the skinnies?!!…

  19. Trackstanding on the skinnies facing each other – your only exit when your opponent falls off.

  20. slalom tag team races

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