Singletrack Issue 50 – The Big Five-Oh

by Ben Haworth 27

Newsagents cover. Photo by Simon Cittati.
Newsagents cover. Photo by Simon Cittati.
Subscriber and bike shop cover. Photo by Simon Cittati.
Subscriber and bike shop cover. Photo by Simon Cittati.
Contents pic by Gary Perkin.
Contents pic by Gary Perkin.

Here’s the contents of Singletrack issue 50 in a bit more detail…

7. Editorial
Is racing the social glue that binds the mountain bike world together or has Chipps been sniffing too much of said glue?

8. Fell Runner v Mountain Biker
Which is the quickest way of getting around off-road? Benji saddles up and does battle with a lean, mean, skimpy-short wearing machine.

16. Red Hot Racing
Ed Kenny Herbert finds that, even in Dubai, there’s always a mountain bike race going on if you look hard enough.

20. Spine Lines
Take a look at the spine of this magazine (our 50th issue, no less). See that nonsense written on there? Here’s a tribute to all the ones that have gone before.

22. Column: Nature Boy
Nature Boy takes a pop at racing and racers. What’s wrong with just riding your bike, eh?

24. Interview – Chris Akrigg
The quietly unassuming, yet jaw-droppingly talented all-round bike-handling genius, Chris Akrigg dropped in for a chat. And a mess about on bikes.

30. Blame The Dog
Mike Ferrentino looks at the complete lack of measurement standards in the world of bicycles.

33. Bike Test: Carbon Race Bikes
Three XC race rigs made from the fantastic plastic. The Cannondale Scalpel, the Specialized Epic and the Trek Top Fuel. Where do they finish on our podium?

42. Man And Boy
Ed Oxley waxes lyrical about the thrills and spills, the laughter and the tears and the fear and loathing that goes on when Dads ride with their Lads.

48. Gallery
Tony Hart R.I.P.

54. Scenes
Chipps goes riding with the ‘Goldtec Massive’ down Stoke on Trent way.

56. Through The Grinder
More products real-world tested in slightly less mud than in the previous issues.

66. Grouptest – XC Race Wheelsets
A bunch of top-of-the-line wheelsets rounded up and shot. Most are impressively light. Some are insanely expensive.

68. Benji’s One Ton Weekend
Benji decides to blow his £100 on frivolous thrills rather than eking it out. A day out for three on an uplift day at Innerliethen.

76. Race Fast Now!
Matt Hart’s tips on fine tuning your race-ready body with a race-ready mind.

80. A Day In The Life Of Mountain Biking
Somebody somewhere is riding a bike… or racing one… or fixing one… or buying one… or designing one… or dreaming of riding one…

90. Competition – Win £1000 Of Camelbak
Win yourself one of ten excellent Camelbak HAWG NV hydration packs.

92. Grouptest – XC And DH Race Tyres
We’ve gathered up some skinny skimpy tyres for the XC race set and some chunky sticky tyres for the DH crew.

100. Column: Roly Lambert
Roly plays the Kindly Uncle and fixes the in-laws bike supermarket bikes, much to his bike-snob horror.

102. Why Subscribe To Singletrack?
Here’s why. And how.

104. Grouptest – XC Race Shoes
Stiff. Garish. Expensive. Ratchets and dials all over them. We made like Geishas and did them up to 11, so you don’t have to.

110. Column: Sim Mainey
Sim talks nerves and French professionals while doing the Kielder Megavalanche.

112. Long Term Test Bikes
An update on how we’re getting along with our machines: Benji’s Cannondale Prophet MX, Sim’s Gary Fisher Roscoe, Chipps’ Orange Blood and Salsa Fargo.

116. Route Guide: The Howgill Fells
Benji guides Sim around those intriguing hills that you look at as you pass through the Lake District on your way to ride a Scottish trail centre.

127. Outro
Peel slowly and see…

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  1. such an amazing contents page photo, front cover very total bike

  2. I heart that contents photo.

  3. Cover for commerce, contents for kudos.

  4. Any chance we can get it as a desktop background?? The contents shot that is.

  5. Ooh. Does that mean it’ll arrive for me to take away on my hols on Saturday?
    Fingers crossed

  6. Shame you don’t have the Blur XC Carbon in the bike test. Saw it in the SC tent next to the STW tent at Fort William – lovely bit of kit!

  7. When you say Chris Akrigg “dropped in”, what exactly do you mean…

  8. Congratulations on hitting 50!
    Thanks for all the inspiration, routes, roots, reviews…
    I’m really glad I get the subscriber cover on mine though. The other one looks like a copy of Mountain Bike Action, circa 1991.

  9. Nice to see you don’t have a Rocky Mountain on the front cover for the first time in months!

    Really looking forward to this issue, as a ‘racer’.

  10. “92. Grouptest – XC And DH Race Tyres
    We’ve gathered up some skinny skimpy tyres for the XC race set and some chunky sticky tyres for the DH crew”

    Yay! tyres

    Oh, no wait, I don’t use any of those types of tyres ..

    Sounding good though, looking forward to this issue

  11. why does the newsagents version cost more than the bike shop/subs version? support your local convenience store i say!

  12. ‘cos we like bike shops and subscribers more 🙂

  13. Mag arrived this morning, i did not win the frame some man up in Durham won it….

  14. It tells you on page 90 😉

  15. ooohh forgot, Cover Pic…nice tarten shorts (where to get a pair?)

  16. I know, but i’m 5 hours and 10 miles away from my copy.

  17. The winner knows that he’s won… And you can find out that it wasn’t you on p90. This issue’s competition has ten chances to win, so you stand a much better chance 🙂

    And before everyone writes in to correct me. We now know that you can tubelesserise the DT 1250 carbon wheels. Yay!

  18. That contents page picture ws taken at this year’s Cape Epic and got a standing round of applause when it was shown after dinner. Very impressive photo indeed.

  19. hi folks thanks for kudos … i will get a couple of wallpapers sorted on my site later today … just stuck in brussels airport waiting for bags! the life of an international jetsetter is not all its cracked up to be …

  20. Nice to see you don’t have a Rocky Mountain on the front cover for the first time in months!

    unless im greatly mistaken, thats a giant reign?
    still, it looks awesome, im looking forward to getting my sweaty palms on a copy….

  21. The ‘Uncle Roly’ article made me laugh, I have just been through the same thing!

  22. still trying to get a copy, few shops near Victoria london seem to stock it… grrr – must sort a sub out

  23. Still waiting for the postman 🙁

  24. Mine’s not arrived yet… 🙁

  25. Arrived, read and left on the train on my way to Rock Ness.

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