Shimano Brake Movies With Shandro, Simmons and Turenne

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Appearing as a series of six themed videos that will debut online throughout 2009, Shimano team riders Andrew Shandro, Wade Simmons and Darcy Turenne are traveling the globe with the Anthill crew, hitting trails that put Shimano’s mountain disc brake systems through the ringer and tell a unique story in each video.

The collaboration with award-winning adventure filmmakers, Anthill Films, is a continued relationship for Shimano and Anthill company founders – the chaps behind The Collective films. Shimano is the title sponsor of Anthill’s first release, Follow Me, to debut in spring 2010.

Saint Protypes being tested.

Shandro and Simmons ride on SAINT disc brakes.

Shandro & Simmons hit AZ on XT Brakes.

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  1. Andrew whatsup man
    Simmons whatsup man
    lets hit it up
    ciao buddy


    (do you reckon they have dude and sweet tattooed on thier backs?)

    rad to the max

  2. First one a nice bit of footage though. Ok it’s a bit corporate but still some nice stuff on there.

  3. Nice films. Liking the way that it’s actually just good riders riding their bikes, rather than concentrating on show boating and big air time.

    reminds me of 1995

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