Original Source Mountain Mayhem Results

by Mark Alker 7

Spreadsheet geeks will love this. We’ve sorted them all out for you with individual laps times and everything. Happy scrolling Mayhemers 🙂

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  1. Four Degrees Faster were incorrectly entered into the Uni subcategory, they studied at loughborough but they’re all graduates!! (hence the name) So anyone in that subcat assume you’re one place up.

  2. Two of my laps were missed off the lapsummary – any ideas who i should contact about this? Have HRM record as proof and actually rode the laps before anyone says anything!! 🙂 THX!

  3. Yeah, I had 2 laps missed of my results also, sent a mail to Info@mountainmayhem.com but have not had a response as of yet

  4. Where are the kenda climb results? I also emailed info@mountainmayhem.com and received nothing

  5. Mailed Pat and he has sorted it out super quick like, all good

  6. I’d e-mailed Patrick on the two missing laps and he’d sorted it out super quickly with Mark at FR systems. Really nice e-mails flying round too – very helpful and all great stuff!

  7. Yes, The fine fellows at FR Systems have been excellent – not to mention Pat himself. I think you ST chaps may need to update your results info as there are now some discrepancies between the initial results and the updated ones.

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