Steve Peat Wins French World Cup!

by Chipps 3

Peaty ended his World Cup-winning drought at the weekend with a great win at Le Bresse.

Cheers indeed! Nice one Peaty...

Our pals at Dirt Magazine have a fantastic selection of videos from the event, so we’ll happily point you at for a great round up of the weekend.

Steve has recently joined the world of Twitter too, so keep up with his every rambled thought at

Sam Hill was second, Mick Hannah third and then UK’s Brendan Fairclough was fourth ahead of Gee Atherton.

In the women’s race, Sabrina Jonnier came first ahead of Tracy Moseley, who’s having a cracking season so far.

Full UCI results can be found here:

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  1. monday is lie-in day then?

  2. You missed out Danny Hart winning the Juniors.

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