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personal-adsOnce again Singletrack is producing the Mountain Mayhem magazine, which this year will be bundled up with all copies sold in every WHSmiths in the UK as well as being given to every rider at Mountain Mayhem itself. Apart from the usual crop of articles featuring good advice, route guides and tales of suffering in pouring rain or nearly dieing of heat-stroke, this year we are offering Mayhem racers or friends and family of racers the opportunity to run your own personal ads.

Do you have someone you want to wish good luck to while they are at the event?
Do you want to psychologically put the boot in to a rival team?
Do you want a clandestine meeting in spooky woods at 3am with your lover?
Do you want to thank Pat Adams, your local shop sponsor, your ever forgiving partner for the training and cake making and child care?
In memory of… wish you were here… wish I was there… pre lap time excuses to your team mates or a prayer for dry weather or something completely different?

Here’s what you do…

Go to the Singletrack online shop and click on the Mayhem Small Ads category. Or just click here.

Write your 25 words (the first five words will be in bold) the shop will confirm your order and Paypal or Worldpay will painlessly and securely debit your account.

As an added bonus this year’s Mayhem will be downloadable after the event free of charge!

We only have limited space in the mag for these small ads so you will need to be quick. Each ad is just £20

Examples of daft personal ads…

  • Team skinnyfast. WE ARE GOING TO BREAK YOU! The Pie Eaters.
  • 69er-loving freak seeks something big up the front. Inner tube supplied. See Ben H @No generator camp.
  • I like lube on my rusty spot. Will you grease me up?Matt L @Singletrack stand.
  • Thanks to everyone at Blazing Faces MTB Club for helping me train for my Singlespeed Solo attempt. I love you all – Dirk
  • What tyre for? Baked trails, piss wet mud, half dried mud and slewy clay? email me please
  • Granny ring wanted, over 60’s only need apply. Contact Steve M behind the portable loos midnight Saturday.
  • For Sale: Santa Cruz Nomad. Ex Cond. Fox 36 Forks. XT Groupo. Call John 0123456789. Will have bike @Mayhem

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  1. Is this based on some market research that says people will throw you a score to put something in print that they could bang up on the forum for free?

  2. # Granny ring wanted, over 60’s only need apply. Contact Steve M behind the portaloos midnight Saturday.


  3. Nick -it seemed a fun thing to do for mayhem as people only get the magazine when they get to the event, and we thought personals would be a laugh, there’s a cost attached for design and printed pages-and shock horror we would make a small profit 🙂

  4. You’re right, ignore me, I’m a grumpy git 🙂

  5. Book one and i’ll forgive you :p

  6. The unicyclists are going to get some stick this year (more so than usual) 😉

    Oh and the cost to subscribers is considerably reduced 🙂

  7. 🙁 I just got a refund on my ad, was it because I’m a unicyclist?

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