North Shore Riding – on a unicycle…

by Chipps 10

We love a bit of distraction here at Singletrack, especially on deadline week – that’s why our pal Mike Parenteau’s freeride video came in just in time.

Great tune, nice edits and a fair amount of ‘What on earth is he doing?’


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  1. Smooth, but now I’m wondering if all unicyclists need a crucifiction width handlebar on a real bike

  2. it is a very wide handlebar! Great video though 🙂

  3. On the unicycle is he going down the hill faster than he can run ?

  4. Thats pretty cool. Nice well edited video too.

  5. It would be cooler if he did on a space hopper.

  6. he looks like michael jackson on the unicycle – owww!

  7. ok, tell me, who did the song? I likeee!

  8. According to Shazam, the song is “Loud Pipes” by Ratatat..

  9. Have we had a ‘What Tyres for Unicycle?” thread yet? 😉

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