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It’s about time we showed you some of the fab stuff that’s been arriving in the office while we were busy finishing the previous issue of Singletrack magazine.

Fresh in, these Spank Scandium bars - 700mm and light for such a big width. Neat stem too. Expect to see these on Ben's Genesis Alpitude soon...
Just in from Windwave is this monster crown race remover. It'll work with the new generation of 1.5 and tapered steerers too.
Don't go Googling for 'Juice Lubes' just yet - but this looks like the kind of thing you might want to keep your forks running slick and smooth.
A Garmin Oregon - super duper GPS is in for a future navigation aids test.
We're knee-deep in carbon race wheels at the moment due to next issue's Race Special (and Singletrack's 50th issue). How about these Bontrager XXX Lite wheels? The logos are in the final lacquer layer too - neat.
Jungle has just got their first delivery of Chub Hubs in. This is the singlespeed disc set. Roughly £300 a pair (£170/£130) and they also come in fixie flavours too. They're off to John 'Iditabike' Ross for some thrashing.
These really are 'race day only' tyres from Maxxis. They're 310g each and are seriously fast looking. Maxxis even make super-light inner tubes to match. Natch.
As featured in our Sea Otter coverage this pump from Genuine Innovations can store your CO2 cartridge and act as an inflator AND a pump. This is the road version. There's a fatter barrel MTB version on the way.
Not a new product. In fact, here's original GoFar member Carvel riding a decidedly old school Marin on last night's night ride.
"I can see the future" - Brant is rather proud of his new Mmmbop frame.
The new Ragley Mmmbop. It's light enough to twirl and Brant was very happy with it. Check out the big gussets and monster headtube.
New pic with a little more detail


Could this be a worthy successor to the venerable Silca beloved of many old school riders. The new Lezyne floor pump features a lovely wooden handle atop some neat CNC machining, big dial and reversible valve chuck.


Comments (17)

    Fork lube looks a good idea, I usually use FinishLine Dry when I can get it.

    Check out the big gussets and monster headtube.

    I would do if he kept the blasted thing still

    It was too light and floaty to keep still 🙂

    New pic added now

    Maxxlite 310 is only really a tyre for thetford or snooker tables. Unless you like not finishing races.

    Ooh I like the crown race remover!!!

    Prob gonna be silly money though!

    nice track pump, but the all cnc’d version has the edge

    aha you ARE gofar!! i remember them

    Do I win a prize for knowing which pub car park that is?

    Spank bars? Light? Floaty light!

    I DO have an old Silca and was thinking of that exact Lezyne to replace it! ;^)

    It’s great to see that – finally – carbon MTB wheels are making a comeback. Mmmmmm… I always did long for those original Ringle aero-section ones that were around in the early 90’s. I don’t really care if they turn out to offer no performance advantages whatsoever. They just look oh so achingly trick..

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