Atherton Attacks Aston!

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This just in from Neil Cain, self-appointed ‘laziest member of the Aston Hill committee’:

Random Gee Fact 1: Gee hums the A-Team theme tune all the way down his race run.
Random Gee Fact 2: Since being sponsored by Shimano Gee has become a trained ninja. Check that chop!

Aston Hill was blessed with mountain biking royalty on Tuesday the 19th May. Gee Atherton took a day out from his punishing schedule of races and promotional work to come down to Buckinghamshire to speak to some journalists from the Daily Telegraph, before taking them riding and sliding on a recently rained-on hill. Gee was the consummate professional, especially considering that he came back from Andorra on Monday the 18th, was due in Glasgow on the 20th and flies out to the USA to race on the 21st!

The journos left happy, the photog got his shots and Gee left to get an early night. The article is due to appear as part of National Bike Week and is about how you can get out on decent local trails with a minimum of effort – Aston Hill is only a few miles from Tring and Wendover stations, easily reachable from London and surrounding towns, and there’s even plans to get a weekend bus service laid on to ferry riders from up to the Hill.

As ever, all Aston Hill news is at and you can root for Gee as he chases more podiums at

Random Gee Fact 3: Gee loves biscuits so much he always has a packet about his person. He does share them though.

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Comments (5)

    oooh wonder what his time down the black run was give me something to aim for!

    Kimbers – no hope, seriously no hope whatsoever. reckon he could do it twice in the time it would take us

    Ahhh…. only 20mins up the A41 from me.
    Next time, Gee, pop down to N.Watford and I’ll buy you a pint.

    “weekend bus service laid on to ferry riders from up to the Hill.”
    From where?

    That should read:
    This just in from Neil “Supposed to be working at home, but actually skiving to go and take photographs” Cain.

    ““weekend bus service laid on to ferry riders from up to the Hill.”
    From where?”

    From said train stations. 🙂

    More to the point, why would Gee want to go to Watford? 😉

    ir – I made the time up afterwards… :-/

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