Yeti ASR 7 First Look

by Sim 10

Stu from Evolution Imports has just been in the office to poach coffee and to show us the all-new Yet ASR 7. It’s changed quite a bit since it was first unveiled a year or so ago with a carbon fibre, single-sided chainstay, rear end, which is a pity as we wanted to see what one would look like with a Lefty. Hey-ho. The rear of the frame is now aluminium although the linkage is still carbon. 

The ASR 7 is billed as a long travel 575, with, you guessed it, 7 inches of travel, Stu reckons it’ll come in under 30lbs fully built with Fox 36 forks and an XT drivetrain. The frame will be available towards the back end of May and should cost you about £1899 with shock and there’ll be a fully built bike for about £3300.

Black, black, black, black. Also available in white and Yeti turquoise.
A tapered headtube means stiffer and lighter. Bonus. Hidden away on the other side there's routing for an adjustable seatpost too.
The rear end is designed to take a 12mm hub, again increasing stiffness. Check out the neat detailing on the chainstay bridge.
ISCG mount and the right bits and bobs to fit an e-type front mech.
Suitably chunky.


Comments (10)

  1. Oh no, I want one. Should be a bit lighter than my AS-X

  2. Very pretty but that pivot looks mighty slimline for a 7″ bike. Or I’ve just grown used to overengineered stuff.

    Still pretty.

  3. excellent to see a tapered HT, ISCG + Guide bolts, and 12mm MAXLE compatability – Well done Yeti…..
    However, as I’m finding out, you can have TOO much bike for trail riding 🙂

  4. That looks awesome…

  5. Looks nice.But i must say am a bit dissapointed after all the blurb on the single sided chainstay which was part of the attraction of it in the first place.

  6. first look…. hahahaha saw one in the workshop at Coed Llandegla earlier this week being built up….. despite looking like the most plastic thing woolworths could ever have sold it was lighter than air….

  7. Stealthy Black’s back…. and looking goooooooddddd !!

  8. My 575 just got superceded! That looks perfect. Anyone got £2K spare to lend me? As Lecht says it ticks all the right boxes and I’m a big fan of bikes with the right number of stays. Anybody ridden one???

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