NS4X Rd1 09 – Results

by Ben Haworth 0

Quick round up of from the first round of the National 4X series at the weekend.


Juvenile – Dominic BARDEN
Youth – Alex METCALFE
Juniors – Tom Knight
Seniors – Kieron MCAVOY – Spank Prize Winner
Masters – Dominic BENT – Halo Wheel Set Winner
Veterans – Jason Carpenter
Ladies – Charlie PHILLIPS
Pro Elite – Scott Beaumont

They all got a custom made Trophy from Hope, Senior won a load of Spank rims, handle bars, stems and Chocolate flavour grips, Master winner took home the Halo Wheels Set and No Limits t-shirts to winners.

Also worth a mentioning in some quite amazing racing…

Juvenile – Pint-sized Joe BUCK taking 2nd Juvenile on a big bike.

Youth – Adam Thomas rode well to take second, Isaac MUNDY got push off the track but was really on it.

Juniors – Mike Yard won every moto but out in the Semi Final for crossing the start line.

Seniors – Chris Cumming, the man to watch out for in Seniors.

Masters – Big old Paddy Baker racing in skin tight jeans! UCI ruling on Skin Suits will have to be enforced to stop an more complaints from spectators!

Veterans – David Herman ripping it up on a little single speed jump bike

Ladies – 16 year old Manon CARPENTER taking 2nd place! Suzanne Lacey taking a hard slam but getting back on her bike and riding to finish.

Pro – Liam Phillips breaking four chains and not racing. Will Evans was on a mission and trying every move in the book to win.

Next Round Bridgnorth 23rd May full details on www.nps4x.com

Full results http://www.nps4x.com/2009/04/rd1-results-uk-bike-park-09/


Photo taken by Dave Richardson.