Issue 49’s Trailside Bingo Game – How To Play It

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In the forthcoming issue of Singletrack there’s a tear-out perforated insert devoted to the totally awesome new craze that is sure to sweep the globe faster than you can say “pork flu” – Trailside Bingo! Here’s a description of what the heck it is and how the heck to play it.

How to play Trailside Bingo.

Before your next big ride, cut out your Singletrack Trailside Bingo cards and hand them out to your riding companions along with some of those stubby pencils that you always take lots of while at IKEA.

Each card has a collection of different things that you might spot, or experience on an average (or not so average ride). They are divided into things you see on the ride, dead things on the road or trail and incidents. Some common items are repeated, but most cards have a unique combination of events.

As you ride along, look out for the items on your card and when you spot one, call it out and mark it off on your card. A ride incident counts, no matter who it happens to on the ride (though deliberately puncturing your mates’ tyres might get you in trouble). There’s no need for secrecy as you all have different items on your cards. At the end of the ride, the rider with the most ticked-off boxes is the winner and gets the cakes/beers bought for them.

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  1. I don’t see ‘dogging’ anywhere on the list

  2. Where’s ‘posing gromits’?

  3. “Seagulling” almost went on there geetee1972.

    “Posing Gromits” will be hanging around the Kid-built jumps, although the kids deserve more respect squattingmouse. Check out Sim’s article in the last issue…

  4. And I’d like to thank Greg Fuquay, circa 1995 for the idea in the first place… His version, however, featured nothing but roadkill. 🙂

  5. Great! Next time I take my cadets out another trail activity. You should sell this to the SMBLA! Really!

  6. next issue 50 ‘scratch and sniff’ guide to road kill, any takers?

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