Car Scrappage Scheme Should Apply To Bicycles

by Ben Haworth 4

The new government grant that offers £2,000 off a new car when a 10-year-old vehicle is scrapped should be replaced by a scheme for cyclists, according to a leading bicycle insurer.

The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) is campaigning for a ‘pounds-for-pedals’ scheme to give cyclists £100 to spend on a new bicycle, but in contrast to the car scrappage grant the traded-in bike would not be destroyed but shipped to the developing world to be re-furbished and re-used.

Director at the ETA, Andrew Davis said; “This would be a boost for the economy, but unlike the ‘cash-for-clunkers’ car scheme, a grant for cyclists would be environmentally friendly.”  

Cyclists who support the idea are being encouraged to visit to sign an online petition addressed to Gordon Brown.

Comments (4)

  1. Hope this will not encourage neds to nick more bikes from the streets..

  2. I was hoping that I could trade in my old junker for £2k towards a new bike.
    fitness benefit, co2 reductions got to be a better gov investment then a new car?

  3. better environmentally, but not financially. The government does not really care about the environment.

  4. The cynical side of me says this £2K deal is about kicking the new car market back into shape rather than helping the environment (but they’ll still claim kudos from the public for a “green” initiative)

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