LTD Edition Sunline V1 Bar and Grip Combos

by Ben Haworth 21

Sunline will be offering limited edition colour combinations on the “Singletrack Magazine recommended” V1 bar in the 19mm rise and 745mm width along with a lock-on grip.

The first combo of red bars with white Logo lock-on thin grips with red endcaps will be available in mid April. The next colour in line will be the light blue bars with pink Big “S” lock-on grips with light blue end caps.

Future colour combinations and availability will be announced on the website as the previous colour sells out.

There is a contest going on right now on the Sunline website – – to vote for your favourite colour combination and lock-on grip.

Only one vote per person and a winner will be randomly selected from each colour to receive a set of the bars and grips before they are available to the public.

The bar and grip combos will retail for around £87 and will be available through all Sunline dealers – though there will be limited quantities available.


Phone MMA Sports Ltd on 01792 467 467 for details of your nearest dealer.

Comments (21)

  1. It’s not often I use the word but I feel it’s justified here – Gopping. There isn’t a single combination I’d have on any of my bikes.

  2. Blue bar, green grips please.


  3. Do they come with leggings and headwarmers, and mis-matched socks?

  4. I like the red ones, anyone know if CRC and/or wiggle will be stocking them

  5. 745mm!

    This wide bar thing is getting out of hand 😉

  6. Blue with orange grips (to go on a Cotic) would make me smile.

  7. It’s all getting a bit dutch/belgian around here….

  8. Compo seems to be for U.S. only.

  9. how many people are going to buy the hideous combos just so they start selling the one they want

  10. Cyan with orange grips would look lovely on my M2 Stumpjumper, but for nearly the cost of a carbon bar? I doubt it.

  11. comp is apparently being updated to let us euro chaps in….

  12. oh – and they really will be limited numbers – 100 only in the UK for the 1st colour red/white combo!

  13. We need someone to work out how to colour carbon fibre.
    That’d make handlebars interesting again.

  14. They’ve got Chipps’ name written all over them 🙂

  15. i got the red pair on my white marin wolf ridge 6.9 on sat, these bars are mint and everyone looks on in envy, i was lucky the guy i work with ordered 2 sets in one for himself and the other for stock, which i quickly shotgunned.

    if you can buy these there the klest bars ever

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