Shimano Deore 2010

by Sim 24

With the Yen to Sterling balance going bonkers and the likes of XTR becoming even more unattainable for many people, the more budget conscious end of Shimano’s product line up is becoming more important. Good job Shimano have just re-vamped their Deore groupset then. It’s not just a spit and polish update either, it’s a full-on overhaul.
Here’s what’s what…

The Deore rear mech is now Shadow flavoured, so you now get increased rock clearance for decreased cost.
Deore has gone a bit more angular and looks quite like Saint and SLX now, all good. As well as cosmetic changes there are some neat technical changes. The brake hoses and gear cables now exit at the same angle for tidier cable routing.
And what you've all been waiting for, hinged brake levers for easy removal, bolts in the same place and both the same size. The brake hinge has a neat fail safe device, so even if your bolt falls out your brake levers will stay on your bars.
If you're one of the ten people who doesn't run singlespeed on your 29er then Shimano has something for you, a 29er specific cassette with matching hubs to cope with the increased torque.
It has to be said some of Shimano's latest disc brakes, whilst being great performers, have been a pain to bleed properly. But no more! Re-designed internals mean trouble free bleeding.
OEM Shimano components are now available in white, so expect to see these cropping up on bikes in your local bike shop soon.

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  1. Please tell me that the 12(?)-36T cassette is a joke!

    Is there also a specific mech req’d?

  2. 12-36?

    Two front rings anyone?

  3. “Please do not touch”[/b}

    LOL… I tell my kids this all the time…. No one ever listens..

  4. Whats so wrong with a 36T sprocket on a 29er?

    Given the increase in wheel size its roughly as hard/easy gearing as a 32T sprocket on a 26″ wheeled bike.

    A 38T sprocket on a 29″ bike would be about the same as a 34T on a 26″ wheeled bike.

    A 36T on a 29″ bike isn’t that low

  5. Given that most 29er riders are fat middle aged men, I don’t think 36t on the rear is going to save them from pushing up the hills.

  6. The Galaxy Black finish also makes the group look really classy. Having the clamp bolts in the same place on both the shifter and brake is one of those little touches that I never realised was a faff before the problem was solved, but it was so obvious with hindsight.

  7. Based on current Shimano price rises the chainset should be around £200. 😉

  8. I didn’t think they’d bring out a posher version of the Megarange setup until they went 10speed for MTB. I can see where a 12-36 could be useful, nice to see Shimano keeping up with the game. Somewhat.

    Shame they had to jump on the white bandwagon though.

  9. Doesn’t look half bad – apart from the shifter window! Looks like an old Tranformer toy! Wonder what it changes into?!?

  10. Because the stock 22Tx32T (on a 29er) is pointless enough. You’re absolutely right – 32T on a 26″ is pretty close to 36T on a 29″, but it’s equally pointless from a resultant ratio point of view for normal riding, and a 12-36 spread will give rise to some horrible ratio gaps.

    MTFU 😉

  11. 12-32t 8 spd blocks worked okay, so 12-36t will be fine. Not for me though. Good for single ring set-ups on both 26er and 29er set ups.

  12. “12-36 spread will give rise to some horrible ratio gaps”

    Surely it’ll be the same as an 11-32T? (Which is much better than an 11-34T for spread). Loose the 11T, keep the 12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32 and add a 36T on the end?

  13. “equally pointless from a resultant ratio point of view for normal riding”

    What on earth are you on about? I use 22×32 all the time and often wish I had a 34T.
    36T sounds perfectly sensible on a 29er.

  14. p.s. if those new deore brakes work like the SLX/XT ones they will be a bargain, despite the exchange rate.

  15. I fear I may always be an SRAM kinda gal!

  16. Looks good and basic-ideal.

  17. So will I be able to run 36t on my normal size wheel? Would be good to use with 2ring set ups to give good high and low ranges with 36t front ring.

  18. Once again, Deore looks better, and probably performs just as well as the next up SLX. Remind me what the point of the LX/SLX groupset is..?

  19. Did you take the shirt off your back and give it to them when you walked in?

  20. Shame they couldn’t have decided to give the current XT hinged brake levers, still, better late than never.

  21. Hmmmmmm, still can’t hang the brake-levers inboard of the Shifters.

  22. no pics of the 10speed 2010 XTR grouppo?

  23. “Once again, Deore looks better, and probably performs just as well as the next up SLX. Remind me what the point of the LX/SLX groupset is..?”
    Between LX and old Deore, there was a hell of a difference in performance, quality of finish and weight. IMHO, the last MTB specific incarnation of LX (M580) probably did more to make XT of the time (M760) look a bit redundant.

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