New XC Series for the North

by Chipps 6

Lee Quarry, just over the hill from Singletrack’s office  is to be the venue for two sets of XC racing this summer and autumn. The race series will be split into two lots of racing; the first starting in April and going through until the end of May, and the second set taking up after we’ve all been off for summer riding bikes and want to hang on to our fitness for the autumn. The second series will start in late August and go through to October.

Spring dates now confirmed

Sunday April 19th 2009

Monday May 4th 2009
Sunday May 17th 2009
Sunday May 31st 2009
The Brownbacks Racing Series 1 is aiming to provide quality racing at a new North West race venue – Lee Quarry, Rossendale. This is back to basics grassroots racing
with great all-weather trails. The facilities are simple and the format simpler but it’s the racing that matters. The race will have have hard standing parking, loos, great trophies and prizes, and hopefully hot refreshments.

Series 1 doesn’t offer any British Cycling licence points.

Prizes will be awarded where there are 3 or more riders in a category. There is a single race with staggered starts for the categories, race length
will be 1 ½ hours plus a lap for the “Racer” category with the other categories slightly less. The course opens between 09:00-09:30 and the racing starts at 10:00
Racer: Experienced, fit and skilled riders only, our top category. If you
have a BC Racing Licence you must enter this category.

Weekend Warrior: You can ride a bike well, lots of experience, you probably
go downhill faster than up.

Have-a-go Hero: You have the bike and the enthusiasm, but may lack
experience or fitness

Sorry, over 18’s only for series 1, but that will be expanding in series 2. Ladies please enter any category that’s right for you, don’t worry you will have a separate trophy and prize list.

If you are new to XC racing then consider starting with in the “Have a go” or “Weekend Warrior” category. If you have a racing licence you must enter
the “Racing” category, we will accept appeals from downhillers and BMX’ers to drop a category.

Thanks to, Lancashire County Council and their Green Partnerships Award, the Kingfisher Business Centre and sponsors amongst others, this would not happen without them.

If you have any questions please contact them through their website

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  1. They’ll be some interesting overtaking on some of those hills…

  2. There’s trailbuilding work going on in the next month and one of the jobs will be to put in some overtaking zones on the more narrow, technical descents.

  3. It will still be interesting though!

    The new sections being built by Rowan are looking very good some altenative black graded lines which might be quicker if you can stay on the bike!

  4. The aim is to make the best of the features and trails within the quarry.

    Yes it will be interesting, and there may be issues overtaking slower/ less skilled riders. The key will be positioning and timing to ensure you can utilise the overtaking points. We will be signing/ route marking these where possible. The route will vary each event to maintain your interest.

    Its £10/ event to enter the only XC racing series in the NW.

    See you on the start line.

  5. OOh, sounds good. Does the fact it mentions that there will be no BC points for series 1 imply that they are trying to get BC points awarded for the series 2 later in the year?

  6. Series 2 will hopefully be two races

    That will enable us to run a youth and junior race together with the women and “Have-a-go Heroes” and then a race for the faster categories potentially with BC ranking points.

    It all depends on the success/disaster of series 1 and the demand.

    Series 2 dates (which we know)and format (which we don’t know) will be announced at the end of series 1

    see you on the start line

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