Fresh Goods

by Tom dB 17

Sim is building up an NS Bikes Society frame as a counterpart to his big and bouncy Intense. Will he get used to not having 6.5 inches of 'assistance'?
A limited edition Charge saddle. Was Skid Karl's brother?
Benji is excited about the latest rubber drop from Panaracer, he reckons they smell like they'll be good. OK Benji…
Bontrager Rasta crochet gloves, the mitt to be seen in this season. Or maybe the next one, when it's warmer.
An Ortlieb saddle bag?
No, it's an Ortlieb toilet paper holder! You know you need one in your life.
Dry Bags are always a useful thing to have, these ones from Exped come in lots of colours and sizes for all your dry needs. We might see if we can fit Bert the dog into the large one for his commute in along the canal
Something everyone should have tucked away in their backpacks, an Ortlieb first aid kit. We're waiting for Ortlieb to make a bivvy bag, how waterproof would that be!
How quick can you make a cup of tea with a Jetboil whilst in the middle of no-where? We shall have to find out.
This monster HID is a Trail Tech MR16 and it knocks out 1850 lumens, weighs 368g and has a three hour burn time. All for £325.
This Cube Attention has come in for a bike test in a forth coming issue. It costs a few quid shy of £500 and has an XT rear mech and FSA bits and bobs on it. Bargaintastic!
This Cube AMS is off to another magazine, but we thought we'd get a shot of it anyway, 'cos we're cheeky like that. A bit OTT or a bit of alright? What do you think?


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  1. That Cube AMS looks fast, but gawd is it Fugly!

  2. It’s not ugly, it’s ‘purposeful’ 🙂

  3. *wishes he was a ‘tester’ of kit*


  4. Van needs alloys to be in the same “league of purpose” as that bike.

  5. How many lumens? You sure an extra 0 didn’t creep in there?

  6. Ahem – fixed… 1850 is still very silly…

  7. The Cube is not great looking in that ‘Teamline’ colour pictured but I bet it looks better if there’s a ‘Blackline’ option.

  8. I ran one of the 1850lumen MR16 HID’s a few years back when trailtech first released them. Definitely not for a helmet mount as they’re quite weighty units, not that you’d need it to be that directional though.

    They are ridiculously bright. Techy downhill sections at very nearly daytime speeds.

    There are a few downsides though, everyone you ride with will want you at the front so you don’t cast shadows and anyone who does get in front of you and is wearing any scotchlite will blind you.

  9. is the jetboil thingy really 1L big,

  10. juan, where do you get 1L from? The jetbo’1L’ looks smaller to me 😉

    Loving the rasta mitts though!

  11. Ah, the NS Society, nice. Watch out for tyre clearance…

  12. I like the ams colours myself but do not like the look of the rear mech line

  13. Have had a NS for a while. Great sturdy steel rig. Love it, Also have had the Jet boil for a year. What a stunning piece of kit. Boiling water in 60 seconds.

  14. are you guys on crack?!

    how can you call that cube fugly!?

    lovely colourway

  15. We have used our jetboil for a couple of years now in expedition races – fantoosh bit of kit. Light, works, easy to use, no faff. Has saved a few people from hypothermia a couple of times when we;d normally not carry a ‘cooker’

  16. For a moment there I thought that Jetboil “mug” had the burner built into it. Now that would have been impressive.
    But having checked the Jetboil website I realise that I was the mug to think that ;o)

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