Mayhem Forms Out Tonight

by Chipps 18

Entry forms for the Original Source Mountain Mayhem event come out at midnight tonight. With ‘it’s about time’ dry and dusty weather predicted and 111 days left in which to get fit before the June 2oth start, there should still be the usual rush to download the entry form and get it whizzed back to Patrick Adams.


As always, Singletrack will be at the event and we’ll look forward to bumping into some of you in the changeover area…


Entry forms can be found on the official website after midnight tonight.

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  1. Dry & dusty eh? I wonder how many times we’ve heard that particular prediction 😉

  2. Hey, some of the times it’s been right 🙂
    And I’m not sure I want to risk turning up to all the wet ones only to miss a dry, dusty one…

  3. Chipps you staying up til midnight toload the form or have those days passed?

  4. managed to down load it ,but isnt always the way people say there up for it but when it comes time to comit they vanish ,so we [retrobike/team norfolk’n’good ]are one man short.any one looking to get a place on a team?

  5. Nope no more mud this year just been online and ordered sun, cant wait 😉

  6. Oooh! June the 20th! Just in time for the third wave of the european summer monsoon 🙂

  7. Pat says the quickest entry this year was in at 12.30am… There were over 60 teams entered by Sunday, so it seems that there are still keen folk out there. Don’t be left out now…

  8. Should be interesting to see just how many entries turn up tomorrow – don’t fancy being the postie 🙂

  9. Just spoke to Pat who’d had the postman turn up with another sack. Apparently the 60 teams and 50 soloists were those hand-delivered to Pat in the first 18 hours.

  10. The postman was busy this morning, 450 envelopes delivered today.

  11. hope one of them was mine

  12. Crikey! when do we find out if we’re in or not? Sounds like it could be full for teams and solo’s already!!!

  13. second glencampbell – havn’t done it since 2005 for one reason or another, really hope my £10 by 9am guranteed delivery did the trick!

  14. just had my email were in ,yippie

  15. am even more anxious now crezzy! did you really really get confirmation???? Am now worried that the extra tenner I also sent was squandered!!

  16. I meant spent on the tenner – poor typing – would have sent an alcohol related sweetener if anything!!

  17. e-mail came through this morning from St Patrick – the next day by 9AM was VERY worthwhile! Just go to train now 🙂

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