Cancellation of Trail Break at Woodcote This Weekend

by Ben Haworth 2

Martin from Trail Break writes…

This set of conditions raises the distinct possibility of serious ice on Saturday morning both before and during the event, and the risk of the same for Sunday. In accordance with our insurance (as well as our interest in our customers’ well-being!) we have to risk assess our events and our chief concerns are the implications for safety on the road (off road is less of a consideration), specifically:

• Riders travelling to the event on icy roads.
• Riders joining and using the smaller lanes on the event course.
• Local traffic encountering riders during the course of the event.
• Our ability to react quickly to any accidents or incidents that may occur.

In thirteen years of operation, this is the first time we have felt compelled to cancel an event on safety grounds, and believe this to be the only sensible decision. We’re looking forward now to our next events on the North Downs at Cranleigh on the 7-8th of March where we fully expect normal service to be resumed.

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  1. Very sensible, I re-rode the Trail Break Princes Risborough Route on saturday morning.
    Wasn’t too bad but there were some very icy and almost unpassable sections.
    Excellent fun though 😀
    Will be at North Downs in March………spring time = muddy time 😀

  2. Cheers TaiD – I went up to the hall Friday afternoon to put a cancellation notice on the door and, looking at the ground then and seeing how hard the freeze was on Saturday, I think we’d have had a our first injury between the car park and the hall!

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