Two-Day Dartmoor Trail Quest Announced

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The Dartmoor Trail Quest (DTQ) is a test of endurance, navigation, bike handling skills and self-reliance, designed to challenge the more adventurous rider. The event takes place on the 13th-14th June 2009 and is open to solo entries or pairs.

Armed with a map of the area, participants have two days to navigate a course of strategically placed checkpoints. Since some checkpoints hold more points than others, riders must plot their route carefully, according to their ability, in order to maximise their score. Participants are required to carry with them enough equipment to remain self-sufficient for the duration of the event which involves an overnight wildness camp.

The Dartmoor Trail Quest is the brainchild of Devon-based event organisers, Endurancelife, who are best known for their popular Coastal Trail (Running) Series and challenging Coast to Coast adventure races. Course planner, Will Turner, who has spent the winter working on Endurancelife’s ongoing series of one-day mountain bike Coastal Trail Quests, believes Dartmoor is perfectly placed to host a two-day Trail Quest event.

“Dartmoor is the last great wilderness area in southern England, and yet it’s been strangely overlooked by Trail Quest organisers in the past,” Turner observes. “But believe me, Dartmoor has lots to offer with endless opportunity for adventurous riding. Shrouded in myths and legend, the moor’s iconic granite landscape is riddled with tracks and trails to test all abilities. From killer climbs with teeth rattling descents to wide forest tracks, grassy plateaus and picture-book stepping stone river crossings, Dartmoor’s mix of terrain gives it endless appeal as an event location,” enthuses Turner.

The event offers participants a choice of two classes: Long Score and Combi Score. The Long Score class caters for out-and-out mountain bikers with a time limit of 7hrs riding time on day one followed by 5hrs on day two. Meanwhile, the Combi Score class is designed to appeal to the adventure racing community with the first day spent on bikes and the second on foot. Combi Score entrants will have 7hrs riding time on day one followed by 5hrs on foot on day two. With each class open to solos as well as pairs, the event should attract a broad spectrum of athlete including mountain bikers, cyclo-cross riders, adventure racers, mountain marathon runners and enthusiastic give-it-a-go-ers.

The Dartmoor Trail Quest is being run in support of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Group (Tavistock). The charity provides assistance at any time and in any conditions to anyone who gets lost or injured on the moor. A proportion of each entry fee will be donated to the Tavistock Team to help this vital voluntary service continue its life saving work.

Endurancelife Course Planner, Will Turner, an experienced two-day trailquester, is delighted to have the DSRG (Tavi) on board for the event.

“We tend to associate Search and Rescue teams with assisting walkers, runners, and climbers in times of difficulty and often forget that mountain bikers who ride and train in wilderness areas face similar hazards and may one day require assistance themselves. This is a unique opportunity to show our support for the remarkable service that Search and Rescue teams provide, free of charge to all,” remarks Turner. “But don’t expect a lift off them! Make sure you come, like them, well prepared for the worst Dartmoor can throw at you!”

Entries are now open across all Dartmoor Trail Quest classes. The event is open to mountain bikers and cyclo-cross riders. Participants may enter as a solo or in pairs.

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    Brilliant!! but same weekend as RoughRide 🙁

    And the Summer Polaris using the same format, cheeky!

    Not that cheeky. See it more as continuing the “Polaris” concept when it seems that Polaris is struggling to maintain momentum after Dirty Weekend’s departure.

    why on earth clash with the only other 2day trailquest on the calendar ? both will lose out

    It’s “continuing the Polaris Concept” on the same weekend as the Summer Polaris. As Harvey says running on the same weekend seems to be to the detriment of both.

    Oh no it clashes with Rough Ride

    Cool – its like proper Polaris as all thos moaners about overnight camping have turned Polaris 2 of 3 into base camp trailquests.
    Might do this event as the base camp Polaris aren’t very appealing.

    Dartmoor is one of the last of our true wild places here in the UK….its a stunning place. There are always event clashes, but im looking forward to taking part in this one, did another of the Endurance Life trail Quests near Purbeck at the end of last year which was a well organised well planned event.

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