Singletrack Issue 1 – Michael Bonney (Orange Bikes) interview

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Estimated reading time: 9 minutes Way back, in Issue 1 of Singletrack Magazine, we interviewed Michael Bonney. As friends, family, and the industry mourn his passing, look back fondly as he takes a guess, in 2001, at how mountain biking will develop. Intro From the depths of deepest West Yorkshire, a Victorian factory building is alive with the hiss of welding torches and the sounds of huge machines bending great sheets of aluminium into odd shaped tubes and even the odd filing cabinet. 3500 British-built mountain bikes pour out of these factory gates each year, for this is the UK...

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  • Singletrack Issue 1 – Michael Bonney (Orange Bikes) interview
  • Pimpmaster Jazz
    Free Member

    I have this issue… Bought from the bike show at the NEC. I seem to recall asking for a job as a designer as well.

    Pimpmaster Jazz
    Free Member

    Many congratulations on 10 years guys!

    Free Member

    that’s one quality mullet for 2000 (2001?)

    Full Member

    Knew it would happen eventually recycling articles just like the other MTB mags (I’ll give you credit that your timescale is a tad longer than some of the others)

    Allen Coulson
    Free Member

    Nice one – I have a P7. I like the quote:

    ‘ I think mountain biking as a sport has levelled off.’

    …don’t think I agree with him 10 years on!!…

    Full Member

    magic, I remember that article.

    Free Member

    Ha ha! The fastest he’d ever gone down hill was on a tandem!!
    It is startling how quickly things have moved in the last decade

    Full Member

    T E N Y E A R S !

    *typing this on my PowerBookG4

    Full Member

    Look for more from the archives in the next two or three months. We’re not officially ten until April 1st 🙂

    Free Member

    If that’s what 10yrs in the cycle industry does to you I’m outta here! 🙂

    Only kidding – grow it back Michael!

    Free Member

    the first article i rememmber was about riding in the shadow of three different nuclear power stations (Quantocks, Snowdon and Lake District I recall) that was in an issue given out free at the Schwinn 100 in September 2001. Was that Issue 2?

    amazing how pessimisticly wrong MB turned out to be.

    Free Member

    Just you wait – the Power Station feature was Issue 1. It’ll be up on the site too…

    Free Member

    The turbo mini incidentally still lives. It’s in Holland at the moment getting a restoration and conversion to left hand drive.

    Watch out dutch cyclists.

    James Cornford
    Full Member

    I remember receiving a couple of boxes of your first issue to help distribute and get your name out, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years!

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