Vittoria Deamion feat News

Italian-made hubs, enhanced tubelessness, and HOLOGRAMS!…

Oct 27th
Barzo: the racer's choice for demanding conditions Trade Show

Peyote, Barzo, and Jafaki join Saguaro, Goma, and AKA…

Oct 23rd
IMG_3245 News

Here's the freshest of the Fresh Goods to hit the doormat this week…

May 10th
IMG_1504 News

Sep 30th
IMG_1715 News

Sep 1st
FreshGoods-0185 Fresh Goods

A strictly Rubber Only fresh goods: High Roller II, Kenda's latest kit, Geax and Panaracer...…

Jul 23rd
DSC_4869 Fresh Goods

In this week; Pivot frame, Giro gloves, Onda clothing, little lights and much more...…

Oct 15th

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