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    Depends how big the scrote is tbh!


    Hit the brakes and swerve to avoid the dog that just ran across the road…..


    follow him whilst calling the old bill?


    atleast follow him


    no big hard talk

    I think we should all take a guess at what you did/what happened.

    And a speculative well done on getting your bike back too.

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    I’d go after him. If it looked like a couldn’t take him i’d call the police.

    I’d probably get too angry, forget to ring the old bill and end up getting a pasting though!!


    A mate of mine found himself in that situation (it was his kid’s bike).

    He punched scrote in the face and took the bike home.

    He ended up in court on an assault charge but was cleared (and congratulated).


    Nothing, come home and type on a forum.


    Jump out of car, chase him down, roundhouse kick to the head, wrestle him to the ground, bundle him into the boot of the car, lock him in my basement, lop his fingers off with secateurs…

    ..or maybe call old bill then park ahead of him get out of car and grab hold of bike, telling him I’ve called the police. This is dependant on whther I’m likely to get stabbed or not.


    If on his own and not the size of Lenox Lewis I would probably attempt to take my bike off him.

    The minimum I would do is call the rozzers and follow him/his gang.

    I would be slightly concerned if my house/shed had been broken into to get the bike as he would know where I lived. This concern would probably only happen after the event.


    Follow and find out where he’s going.

    Then you have two options – call the Police and wait for them to do very little or call your mates and ambush the scrote.

    FWIW, the scrote won’t like the fact that you know where to find him…


    Follow him to Wharncliffe woods – if he rides the ‘proper’ downhills as you say or can really do Peaty’s drop then congratulate him as clearly he owns you.

    On the other hand if you find he is just a ‘serp’ then maybe you could own him ! 😀


    Yes, very dependant on whether there was him, or lots of them, and the size of him if just one.
    If I thought I was going to be ok, being a fairly hefty 6ft and with quite a bit of martial arts experience, I’d have a crack at retrieving the bike myself.
    One thing I would think about afterwards, is that the scrote almost certainly knows where I live as he’s already nicked the bike….

    knock ten bells out of him and take it back warning him if he tries anything I’d go after him and his family. worked for me anyway the little scum bag that nicked my bike avoids my area of town now


    knock ten bells out of him and take it back warning him if he tries anything I’d go after him and his family. worked for me anyway the little scum bag that nicked my bike avoids my area of town now


    call police, possibly stop them somewhere publicly[ witnesses etc/make a scene and await the police
    Restrain if I really had to
    For all you know they bought the bike and are a victim of crime just like you are.


    Probably get really cross then post a thread on here about it.


    Follow them until they leave the bike unattended and steal it back. this avoids possible confrontation and will annoy the crap out of the scrote.


    Only ever had one bike stolen (bmx) and had given up on getting it back. A few months later I was just about to board a coach for Dublin from my home town (I was playing in the Irish version of the Superbowl) and spied a pair of bent shimano dx pedals from across the car park. Both my pedal were bent in the middle from heavy landings (which is pretty hard to do) and these looked bent also. Turned out it wasn’t my bike but it had my pedals/brs and brakes on it. Guy legs it. I chase and catch him. I threw him over a wall (and administered a couple of gentle blows). I phoned my dad and the police and asked our cheerleaders to sit on him until the police/father arrived as we had to go.


    steel4real has it 😆

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    follow him whilst calling Then Call the old bill?

    FTFY, don’t want to get done yourself for using the phone and driving do you…

    Obviously there’s plenty of BIG TALK with these things but TBH I wouldn’t fancy the confrontation regardless of the Size of said Scrote.

    Retrieving your property with the aid of fisticuffs sounds great, till it backfires and he’s got a knife, big mates or a good solicitor who brings you up on assault, plus if you don’t involve the Rozzers He’s essentially gotten away with the theft.

    Can you be sure the Scrote you spot on the bike is actually the one who knicked it or just the latest recipient of this particular stolen item?

    Premier Icon nickc

    Get out of car stop scroute by hanging onto bike, and call the Feds

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Take several photos, possibly follow him/her to find where they lived and then report to police. I had my bikes nicked last year and they’ve since been replaced. I’m not bothered about getting the old ones back, but would hope* that the justice system will do its thing.

    *some hope


    Probably just get out the car, then pick up the car and beat the kid in the balls with it.

    Run of the mill reply, I guess.


    This happened to me when I lived in Darlington but with a Scooter not a bike, saw kid on my scooter wearing my helmet that was locked in the scooter driving towards me, did a U-turn in the car and tried to follow, luckily I lost him, it would have been foolish to get too involved as it was stolen from my house and he would have know where I lived.

    What is it with people nowadays…

    Surely everyone carries around a set of Bombers in their back pocket

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    The other day I had a slightly similar dilemma. Saw a bloke riding a fancy carbon Canyon. Nothing unusual about it. Except he was in gumboots, wearing high vis. Looked like he’d just come out of a building site.

    Not sure what to do in these cases really.

    If it were my bike and I were driving, I’d definitely follow him and find out where he lived at a minimum with the aim of getting police help, or helping myself back to my own bike really.


    and asked our cheerleaders to sit on him

    and they say that crime doesn’t pay!

    Premier Icon ton

    i would take it back…..nicely tho. 😀


    Touch his chest and tell him that if he doesn’t give me my bike back, I’ll drag him around the corner and bum him. Nothing scares like male rape.


    A friend of mine had a bike stolen from his kitchen whilst he slept..

    He was in his work van driving through town a week or so later and saw it being pushed across a crossing in front of him by a scrawny bag head..
    My mate is a gentle soul but he’s a bit of a gorilla so he instinctively lept out and scooped up bike and rider and chucked both in the back of the transit in a heap..

    He was on his way home but dropped in at the local police station and dropped terrified junkie off with a brief explanation to two astonished coppers who were loitering outside.. Before anyone had chance to react he had jumped back in the van and driven home..
    Fortunately he heard no more about it from the police, but not so fortunately the bike was stolen in exactly the same fashion some months later, never to be seen again..

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Violently swerve the car and knock him off.

    Then reverse back over his legs (being careful to avoid the bike)

    Then forward over his abdomen.

    Then reverse again over his chest.

    Then forward over his head.

    Claim “I was blinded by the sun m’lud” and get clean away with it.


    had a bike knicked once while living in leeds n about a week later i did see some chav ride it across the road in front of me and into a park and away. There was no way it was anybody elses as I built it all custom myself. All I did was ring the OH and say you’ll never guess I just saw someone riding my bike. At the end of the day someone is always prepared to go further than I would, knives, guns, more of them etc. its not worth it in my eyes and its the reason i have insurance!


    irelanst – Member

    and asked our cheerleaders to sit on him

    and they say that crime doesn’t pay!

    You’re assuming (as i would) that they were hot. Lovely girls, but they were sponsored by a local dog food company 😀


    Some scrote riding it up the road and you see it while driving past, what would you do? Seriously be honest, no big hard talk, what would you do? Not bothered about what’s right or wrong, just want to know what the majority of people would do.


    Hmm. Have to admit I was in two minds what to do about a little twunt I saw in Audenshaw a month or so ago.

    Classic scrote type – Burberry cap, Reeboks tucked into white socks and Rockports.

    Only thing was, he was riding a brnad new Orange 322…

    Trouble is, it COULD be a completely innocent situation (if highly unlikely) – if you take the law into your own hands, YOU could end up the twunt.

    Do your bit if you must but look after number 1.

    So, what did you do?


    Nowt. He was on the other side of a dual carriageway and I didn’t have my phone with me at the time.


    I thought you are some kind of riding god Pussy amazed you didnt leap out of the car emit a blood curdling challenge and kung po chop his thieving ass and reclaim your property.


    If I knew it was my bike and thought I wouldn’t have a problem reclaiming it from the person who had it then this is what I would do. Stop get out of the car go up to the person and say ‘Hi nice bike can I take a picture?’ take the picture of them and the bike then reclaim the bike. Followed by calling the police.

    If I didn’t think I could reclaim it from the person then I would follow them while calling the police and try to resolve it that way.

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