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  • toys19

    just take my bike back. Which I did when this happened to me, but it was in the hands of a 10 year old kid.


    just take my bike back. Which I did when this happened to me, but it was in the hands of a 10 year old kid.

    Like taking sweets a bike from a baby

    My mate’s bike was nicked from my garage years ago & we found out who’d done it via a couple of bad lads that we knew quite well. Matey found the scrote sat in a car in the local village with 3 others & (on his own) simply opened the car door & said, ‘where’s my bike, cos I want it back, now’. A bit of ‘persuasion’ later & he had the bike back within 15 minutes.
    He’s now the smallest police sergeant the North.


    Take the bike off the scrote, floor the scrote then take a pic on the old mobile of me with one foot on the scrotes chest to show the grandkids…

    Ride off in to the sunset, via the off-licence for some celebratory cans.


    Run them over, tweet about it, get off scot free and enjoy the insurance replacement – simples!


    Like taking sweets a bike from a baby

    It was not difficult. Poor kid was terrified by the sight of my car heading towards him. He leapt off my bike like a salmon heading for the ancestral spawning grounds, issuing denials before I had even made my accusations. I was just thrilled to have my bike back..

    Pigface – Member
    I thought you are some kind of riding god Pussy I’m amazed you didnt leap out of the car emit a blood curdling challenge and kung po chop his thieving ass and reclaim your property.


    I am, but this wasn’t my bike that was stolen… Its my friends and he saw his stolen bike last week and he said he just watched the scrote ride past him while waiting for the traffic lights, he then drove past him again and did **** all! 😯

    Bless him, when all I did was laugh when he told me! 😆

    Similar situation , but on foot . Saw scrote walking with mates bike freshly nicked that morning.
    His face met the pavement and then a wall. Police came and didnt care , let off with another warning.


    Drive up, get out, push scrote off bike, get bike, see scrote jump up, crap myself, see scrote run to my car jump in and drive off

    At least I’d have me bike back 😡


    I would/have stopped them, remove them from the bike and put it in the boot of my car. Then tell them nicely that next time i see them i won’t be so calm .


    Just talk to him. He might have bought it. Explain the situation. You might be able to work something out. Appearances can be deceptive and sometimes scroats are reasonable young people. If he has nicked it then it hasn’t cost him anything and he might just hand it back if you tell him there will be no further action.

    If he legs it, try and take a picture then report it to the police.


    Jamie – Member
    Probably just get out the car, then pick up the car and beat the kid in the balls with it.

    Run of the mill reply, I guess.

    When Jamie gets mad?

    I was in this situation 10 years ago. My bike was stolen from a house share I was in whilst ALL 5 of us were at home. The insurance replacement was fast (within 1 week I had a new identical bike). On my first ride on the new bike I see the old one outside a cafe. I phoned my friends and the police and locked my new bike to the old one. A big guy started kicking off about ‘his bike’. My mates arrived and all hell broke lose. The police were next to useless. I was able to prove the bike was mine but they let the big **** go and then they made a big thing about me contacting the insurance company. I contacted the insurance company and they let me keep both bikes. These were +£1k bikes.

    But your question is more about your injured masculinity right? You felt weak cos you didn’t kick off ninja style? Don’t beat yourself up. We’re not all ninjas.

    Well im not some big testosterone fueled hero but when I saw a scrote sat on my bike I ran up behind him and grabbed the seat post stays really hard and he jumped off. He was bigger than me and less than half my age – but I figure I was angry enough to try. Glad I did I got my bike back and amazed the police

    Doubt he relished me in full on screaming banshee mode – he really didnt put up much of a struggle and startes trying to say hed bought it off someone etc

    At least you know what area hes in – tell the police


    I wouldn’t go and just take it from them. They may not be the original thief and could be innocent.

    I’d follow them and call the police but add a few phrases like “i think i saw drugs” or “i think i heard them say something about a gun”. That will speed up the polices response. Then show them the photos of it on my phone. If no police show soon and it’s just a kid i guess i’d like to take it off them but i’ve never been in that situation.

    To be quite frank i couldn’t care who the original thief was it was my bike and I was taking it back. If I was in the same position now I would do exactly the same. Its very unusual to see the bike again so I wasn’t going to miss my chance.

    Exactly a year and a month to the day I had my bike stolen from outside a pub, the scrote was on CCTV hack sawing the lock off but hoodie up he could not be identified, I drove around hoping to spot my on one ss but luckily didn’t spot it as I would of reclaimed it with menace. Got shown a pic this eve of a poor guys retro full sus Whyte that was nicked from Llandudno but he’s visited all the pubs in hope someone spots it offering £100 reward. More sensible way to go about getting a bike back.


    Had 4 bikes stolen back in 2008. Got one back via Ebay / police involvement, and got another back after seeing someone riding it – custom frame so couldn’t mistake it. Whizzed back and pulled in just as the chap was heading off down a bridleway, confronted him and explained he was on my bike, it was custom, proto frame too (complete with “Proto” etched into the bb), which I showed him. Gave him the choice of handing it over or we call the police to sort it, he handed it over fairly quickly. He did say he purchased it off someone, which may have been true, not my problem though. He did keep making eye contact with his friend and there was a slight moment when I thought it was all going to go to crap, guess it was my lucky day. Incidently, his mate was on a Hardrock, my Thomson stem was on that and the OEM Modus Hardrock stem was on my bike – I told his mate he could keep the stem though 🙂

    I once saw a previously-stolen bike belonging to a mate of mine outside a shop, just leaning up against the railing, unlocked. I jumped on, then sprinted away down Withington high street, being chased by a very, very, angry scrote. I don’t think my heart has ever raced so quickly!


    I would beat the guy like a red headed step child


    When mine was stolen (built up myself on a hand sprayed Marin frame) from my garage a few years back I sang like canary to the old bill about my lack of security & open doors (reporting while still pissed)so couldn’t claim on the insurance so wrote it off, a few weeks later I got a call from a mate who’s right up there on the nutter scale saying he knew who had my bike & would take me round but would cost me £100 to get it back. On the way there he confirmed I had a £100, insisted I payed as bloke who had bike was even bigger nutter & suggested we got out as quick as poss. Nutter 2 was apologetic about charging me for my own bike but insisted that’s what he had payed for it from some smack heads so was merely passing the charge back on to me, I was furious about the situation but respected my mates opinion, my anger soon faded when I found out that nutter 2 had stuck an axe in a guys head after a pub brawl only a week before… rode that bike today on a great solo adventure in the Preslli hills, didn’t give the 1’er a single thought !!

    This thread has made me wonder if Oggy ever got his 4X bike back, and if so, the circumstances that led to the recovery. Sadly, I don’t think that information would ever make it into the public domain.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Drive alongside, grab bike, accelerate towards Tower bridge, release scrote & brake sharply. Watch as scrote acheives air. Lots of air.

    This plan does assume left hand drive car, you & scrote happen to be in London, & perfect synchronisation with bridge etc.


    Not a bike, but I did once find someone trying to get in through my kitchen window.
    I gave chase without thinking, it’s just what you do when you see a burglar. He got away.
    Heading back to the house I was then thinking “what would I have done if I had actualy caught him?” Hadn’t thought that far ahead.
    To answer the OP I suspect I would have a go at him. I don’t know if it would end well…


    Beat him an take bike he’s not gona say anything an he will get away with it if you use cops

    My old man caught some scrotes attempting to nab his car speakers in the middle of the night once. He chased them dressed in nothing but jeans and odd trainers whilst my mum stood at the end of the driveway with a rottweiler that simply did not want to be there (she was propped against the wall to stay awake). He did actually catch one, but only threatened not to come back (which they never)as they were teens and he was about 40.


    Phone the Police, then follow and try and take pics. I wouldn’t try and stop them.

    If they are in to nicking bikes, they probably nick other stuff and do crime for a career so I would be surprised if the Police wouldn’t be very interested.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Me and a mate “mugged” a bunch of kids for their bikes many years ago.

    I say “their” bikes, they’d just stolen a load of track bikes from the lock-ups at Herne Hill velodrome – they were hire bikes and very distinctive. My mate worked at HH at the time and he’d got a call from a local saying he’d seen a bunch about about 6 kids riding these nicked bikes through Dulwich Village. We jumped in the car, headed down there and sure enough they were just exiting Dulwich Park as we drove up.

    He braked in front of them and naturally they all fell off. It was quite funny really, none of them could ride the brakeless fixed gear and in trying to ride off pushing a 90+ inch gear they just stalled. We got all the bikes back no probs although one of the scrotes blustered a bit about “calling his Dad”, they all just ran off.

    Thinking about it, it was very foolish off us. If they’d have actually thought about it, 6 of them could have beaten the shit out of us in no time.


    You’re assuming (as i would) that they were hot. Lovely girls, but they were sponsored by a local dog food company

    I almost choked on my tea reading that! 😀


    The way I see it is that scrotes buying nicked bikes of other scrotes are only just slightly down in the pecking order of scroteyness. I’d have no problem taking a bike of a guy that handed over cash for a nicked bike sold buy a well dodgy geezer.

    I had my first proper bike, an Orange Gringo, nicked from our garage whilst we were away over Christmas years ago. I still look out for it now!


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