Gurt Big Hills

Chipps muses about those really, really big mountains you find on the Continent.

September 10th, 09 2,417 By:

Orange Bits

Tales from my travels to Halifax with sneak peeks of new stuff and cake.

September 9th, 09 4,116 By:

Eurobike – Ja for schure!

See what I did there up above? Did you see what I did in the blog before I went away? Yes it was stereotyping. In a way it’s funny because they’re essentially describing exaggerated truisms about a race of people. But they’re also unhelpful. People are individuals as I’m all sure we think we are […]

September 8th, 09 2,091 By:

How far away are they?

After a day of mucho rainio and excellentio trailsio yesterday on the hills above Irun…….imagine technical, rocky Lakeland trails and you’ll have a good idea of the type of riding we were doing, we were glad to waken up to normal service of blue skies and rarely seen in Blighty big shiney disc in the […]

September 5th, 09 1,434 By:

El Scorchio Notio

Dias Uno in El Bigio Brotherio Housio! Arrived late last night to the rural B and B in an old converted farmhouse to find what seemed like a concerningly large double bed. While I’m in touch with my female side, the thought of Mark spooning sent a cold shiver down my spine. Thankfully, the room […]

September 3rd, 09 1,456 By:

Working hard in a Basque

Just arrived in Basque Country to stay with It’s me and Sanny here. Last time we both went on a biking trip together we were in Austria and it rained for most of the trip. It’s raining here. Hmmm. I’m quite tired at the moment but I’ll be putting together a few quick video […]

September 3rd, 09 1,595 By:

Back To School

I spent the Bank Holiday weekend up in Swaledale with my other half (who’s a teacher) enjoying the last few days of the school holidays. When you’re a pupil the school hols seem to last for ages. But the six weeks this year seemed to absolutely fly past. This is at least partly due to […]

September 1st, 09 2,934 By:

‘Tis Done

Issue 52 was sent off to the printers last night. Nice work Sim “Moonlight” Mainey! It’s been a particularly difficult issue to do due to various people being unavailable to contribute -not just paid Singletrack staffers but our usual team of helpers (freelance or just plain free) has also been “otherwise engaged”. Yet we still […]

August 27th, 09 1,998 By:

Oh the irony

So a week ago we retreated up to Austria from Slovenia due to the combination of high temperatures and high humidity making riding just a little bit too much hard work. In retrospect and facing the inevitable homecoming rain that seems pretty stupid now. Regular readers will realise we’ve a bit of a soft spot […]

August 26th, 09 1,456 By:


I’m out of the office tomorrow. I realised as we came back from Morzine that my passport had literally days left and if I’d have been there a few days longer in France I could have been stuck there (which wouldn’t have bothered me if I’d ended up stuck in Morzine but it would have […]

August 25th, 09 1,682 By:

GREEN! My New Long Termer

Now that the Genesis Alpitude has been finished with it was time to get another Long Term project in. And after a LOT of deliberation here is what I’ve gone for… I’m going to build it up as a All Day Mildy-Hardcore Hardtail Trail Ripper. Or in other words a bike for doing lots of […]

August 23rd, 09 1,792 By:

It’s 11PM and I’m not at work…

…but I am working. I’ve just written up my One Ton Weekend for issue 52, in which Singletrack, both us office folk and Singletarck forumites, build a pump track. It’s an epic in the style of Lord of the Rings, kind of. Well, it’s got Matt with a pick axe who could be mistaken for […]

August 20th, 09 1,325 By:

You Had To Be There (Or Maybe Not)

This issue is on The Plan as being the “Interview” issue. For such an apparently straightforward feature they always seem to end involving a surprising amount of work/hassle – both beforehand and afterwards! Trying to “synch” diaries with people in the bike industry seems to be a bit like herding cats. Actual face-to-face interviews are […]

August 18th, 09 935 By:

Trust Folk

Hello all, Just had a weekend away with my Missus in Dartmoor. Lying around in a tent, reading a Complete Saturday Guardian, beer, wine, barbecue, mild sunstroke, the usual stuff that makes a break. Plus a great ride on Sunday. My main reason for returning to Dartmoor was after doing the route guide in issue […]

August 11th, 09 1,357 By:

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