Video: Wallride Madness

July 21, 2017

Whatever you’re doing – important stuff, or just banging your head against a wall, take a break and watch this. OK, it’s BMX not mountain biking, but it is worthy of a four minute detour in the land of little wheels and low slung jeans. There’s no builder’s bum here though, just stone cold crazy tricks.

George Marshall / Red Bull Content Pool

Filmed in various locations around the UK, this takes wall riding to a new level. We can only imagine Sebastian Keep was bricking it as he eyed up a few of these lines. But retaining his cool and cementing his reputation, he managed to Lego of the brakes and let the bike roll – he’d surely have been motar-fied if he’d bottled it.

George Marshall / Red Bull Content Pool

What do you think? All a bit too gnar-wall for you?

George Marshall / Red Bull Content Pool

Can you trump our puns? Go on…you know you want to…don’t meet us with a wall of silence…

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