Schwalbe Collaborates With Airshot For Tire Booster

October 24, 2016

If you had followed the 2016 Singletrack Reader Awards, you would have known that a small company based in Wales took out the ‘Best Hardware’ category, having been voted the winner alongside the SRAM Eagle 1×12 groupset and the Schwalbe Procore system.

If you’re not familiar with it, the Airshot is a tool that’s designed to aid tubeless inflation. It’s essentially an air canister that you pressurise with a regular floor pump, before attaching the valve head to your tubeless valve to provide a fast, high-pressure injection of air. This fast release of pressure mimics what you’d get with an air compressor, and for particularly stubborn tyres/rims, it can be of vital assistance in helping to seat the tyre beads.

airshot schwalbe tubeless tyre tire pump floor
You may have seen this design before…

Having seen the viability of the design, German company Schwalbe appear to have engaged in a partnership with Airshot to bring out their own branded version called the ‘Tire Booster’. From what we can tell, the design appears identical, but with Schwalbe’s enormous global reach, it would appear that the system will now be available to a much wider audience.


“For safe and easy fitting without a compressor, Schwalbe is now launching the Tire Booster, which was developed in collaboration with the British start-up Airshot. With it, a pressure of up to eleven bar can be immediately applied in the tyres. “The tyre immediately seats itself safely on the rim and seals everything evenly,” says Schwalbe Product Manager, Peter Krischio. “The Tire Booster is a significant advantage for assembly of tubeless tyres. At a light 435 grams, you can easily take it along on your trips.” – Schwalbe

EWS 8 2016. Finale Ligure, Italy. Photo by Matt Wragg.
Ever had trouble seating a tubeless tyre? The Schwalbe Tire Booster is designed to make things A LOT easier.

The Schwalbe Tire Booster will be available from December 2016 from specialist bicycle retailers for €59.90.

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