Tech Thursday – Orange Bikes

December 27, 2012

Seeing as there was a gap between Midweek Mini Movies on a Wednesday and Fresh Goods Friday on, well, Friday, we thought you might like this occasional series that we’re calling ‘Tech Thursday’. In it, we’ll be asking bike and component companies to have a dig around and find and photograph a few technical gadgets that you might not otherwise have seen.
   These can be dusty old models that never made it past the prototype stage, or a futuristic new design that still may never see the light of day.
Seeing as Pete from Orange was popping in to deliver some stollen, we asked him to see what he could find down the back of the Orange office sofa.

Shock Shuttle – The new top shock mount, seen here on the 140 29er show bike. A larger mount allows us to machine more material away for lighter weight. Even the part where it meets the down tube is machined to save weight. This design also allows for tighter tolerances as it is easier to machine. The size of this mount also spreads the force from the rear shock across a larger section of the down tube, eliminating the need for such a thick down tube. We’ve been able to use a thinner sheet of aluminium for this down tube. This prototype, while being our first long travel 29er, is also a mule for many new developments of this kind.

Orange D4 – This is a very dusty prototype dug out of a dark corner of the warehouse. The D4 is a forerunner to the ST4 Diva and features some quirks, like the rather fetching CNC’d cross brace on the seat stays and the link behind the seat tube to keep it out of the way of the mud and grit. This frame is the only one of its type in the Cupboard of Doom, although similar-looking frames do exist with a similar design, mostly with shock mounts and linkages moved to suit.
Want to send us your own suggestions for Tech Thursday? Are you a manufacturer with a large number of skeletons in the cupboard? Then get in touch with newsdesk

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