Midweek Movies

August 31, 2011

A short Midweek Movies this week as we figure that, like us, once you’re done absorbing all the Eurobike coverage you’ll be ready to de-squarize your eyes by actually riding bikes.

So here’s something completely different: a short film by Joe Sheffer & Alistair Humphries of their end-to-end of Shetland. On Bromptons, with the aid of packrafts. Couldn’t get further from the showhalls of Friedrichschafen if we tried…

DMR are best known for pedals in funky colours and small bikes that are quite at home being piloted off big jumps, but now they’ve got a full suspension frame; the Bolt. Here’s the DMR test team turning the screw.

What can you say about Tracy Moseley this year apart from just awesome. It’s great to see Brits doing well at the races and seeing TMo on top of a podium is extra great. Here she is securing the World Cup overall title, fingers crossed she can win the World Champs this weekend too.
Oh, and well done to Aaron Gwin too.

And finally, whilst we’re on the topic of the World Champs, here’s a little reminder from the Syndicate of what Champery can be like when world class downhill riders meet steep wet clay. Mad skills. Is it wrong that we’re secretly hoping it rains there this weekend?

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