Midweek Mini Movies

June 2, 2010

Here’s this weeks roundup of internet moving pictures for your delectation and distraction-from-work. Thanks to everyone that emailed suggestions, keep them coming.

Coastal Crew at Whistler Opening Week

BC based shredding from the Coastal Crew. Sent in by Duncan Philpott.

Kurt Brain is on a Mission

Shaking down his new Diamondback Mission to prepare for the Mega Avalanche. Sent in by Mike Sanderson from Raleigh

Magura – The Best Brake

More video madness from the people at Magura.


Andrew Wardman riding his cyclocross bike on dusty trails near Peebles.

Trek World Racing

The Trek World Racing riders encounter mud, needles and a taste of success.

Thanks to everyone that sent in a suggestion – if you’re seen or made something good, let us know and fire an email to jon@singletrackworld.com..

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