Midweek Mini Movies

by singletrackjon 4

Here’s this weeks roundup of internet moving pictures for your delectation and distraction-from-work. Thanks to everyone that emailed suggestions, keep them coming.

Coastal Crew at Whistler Opening Week

BC based shredding from the Coastal Crew. Sent in by Duncan Philpott.

Kurt Brain is on a Mission

Shaking down his new Diamondback Mission to prepare for the Mega Avalanche. Sent in by Mike Sanderson from Raleigh

Magura – The Best Brake

More video madness from the people at Magura.


Andrew Wardman riding his cyclocross bike on dusty trails near Peebles.

Trek World Racing

The Trek World Racing riders encounter mud, needles and a taste of success.

Thanks to everyone that sent in a suggestion – if you’re seen or made something good, let us know and fire an email to jon@singletrackworld.com..

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Comments (4)

  1. really liked the Andy Wardman vid – the bit at 1:25 with the log made me smile lots – very nicely done

  2. that magura video is rrrrrubbish :s

    “fnar fnar, we did lots of research into what people want and they all want brakes to be “gooder”

    and stop on a dime?! whats that? ANY brake will stop you on a dime, and you will go over the bars.
    no one EVER wants to stop on a dime in the real world if they think about it for more than a second
    then again, i wouldnt be much use to them if they asked me “what do you want from a brake”

    A: “hayes nines please”

  3. The Andy Warman vid is fantastic. Probably more like the type of riding I want to do than mountain biking is TBH. Excellent skills without being so fancy as to be unattainable for someone like me. Though they probably really are!

  4. Just watched the Andy Warman CX vid again. Only about the 10th time since I first saw it. It really is ace. Comforting, graceful, picturesque. No brash sound track, just the click of freewheel, swoosh of tyres, occasional clip-clop of footfall, kids playing and bird song.

    Highly recommended.

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