Pace stop distribution of DT Swiss products

January 8, 2010

Pace stop distribution of DT Swiss products

Pace Cycles Limited the UK based performance mountain bike frame and component manufacturer have decided to stop distribution of DT Swiss products in the UK. In addition to its core frame design business Pace also became the distributor for DT Swiss suspension products and other parts after DT purchased its suspension fork designs, technology and manufacturing rights in 2006.

“Its time to focus the Pace business on our new mountain bike frame models, particularly after the successful launch of our extended 2010 range at the Earls Court Show” said Adrian Carter MD.

“We have invested a lot into the establishment of DT as a leading suspension brand and are proud of the elevated profile DT Swiss now has in the UK for all its range however the challenge has been to convince the market that the products high cost and limited availability is worth the investment.

The introduction of new technology into the product hasn’t stimulated the level of trade orders we were expecting in addition to which Pace still has not been supplied with working fork samples and delivery dates for the current product, which has become frustrating ”.

“We’re already sold out the first production run of the new Pace RC104 mountain bike frame” continues Carter “ and it makes much more sense to promote lines which have high demand, target investment on products which can be supplied and support our core Pace brand “

PACE Cycles

PACE 2010 104 FRAME-022229

Pace Cycles will stop being the distributor for DT Swiss suspension, wheels and components with immediate effect however it should be noted that this does not affect the Pace Service Centre which continues to provide full service, spares and warranty support to the Pace, DT and Scott suspension products.

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