The Merida o.Nine Carbon – 930g Frame!

May 7, 2009

Cut ‘n’ paste Press Release time…

The new generation of Merida Carbon hardtail…the O.NINE.

The Multivan Merida Biking Team launch in Majorca showed what the team will ride in 2009 and what consumers will buy in 2010.

At last year’s event, the ground breaking Ninety-Six full suspension bike was launched to outstanding plaudits as one of the fastest, lightest and stiffest bikes available. But the Ninety-Six was not a one off, it is now joined by the brand new 0.Nine carbon hardtail.

The current Merida Carbon FLX hardtail was a very successful base to develop from, winning 5 World and 5 European Championship titles and 15 World Cup victories.

Beating such a benchmark is a challenge, so new methods of development were needed.

Using computer modelling and stress testing usually reserved only for the performance car industry, the 0.Nine was designed by science.
With a frame weight of close to 930g (for 18” with regular BB), the result is a frame 200g lighter and 20% stiffer than the already astonishing Carbon FLX frame. BB30 versions are available with a 35% increase in stiffness and a frame weight of 960g (18”).

The comfort of the Carbon FLX is also surpassed, in addition to the patented Merida flex stays, the 0.Nine gets a tapered seat tube, starting at a massive 40mm cross section at the BB and topping out with a 27.2mm seat post, the seat tube and post can flex more than an oversize post.

This remarkable development is not just a flash in the pan development for pro racers, it is guaranteed for 5 years with a maximum rider weight of 120kg.




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