Looking for the ultimate cycling wearable? Rollme says they’ve made it

by Andi Sykes 10

Wearable technology brand, Rollme, claims the S08 smartwatch is the ‘ultimate cycling wearable’ let’s take a look at the specs.

Wearable technology has moved on a lot over the past few years. Even the most basic of smartband featureS a heartrate monitor and a long-lasting battery, while more advanced smartwatches have started to integrate cellular data connectivity and GPS, but the latest watch from Rollme raises those specifications and throws in a good measure of water-resistance.

Rollme, a brand we’re not familiar with in the UK, has sent over a few details of a new wearable named the S08. This rugged smartwatch is so crammed full of technology that it looks more like a smartphone replacement than your regular watch.

rollme s08
A wearable with a couple of cameras?

For starters, the Rollme S08 is an IP68 waterproof device, however, the maker claims that they’ve tested it at a depth of 50m with no ill effects. While we don’t know many riders that dive with their bikes, it’s good to know that this smartwatch isn’t going to fizzle out at the first sign of rain.

The screen, a 1.69in touch screen, is made of a tough Gorilla Glass 4 material for shatter resistance, while the body of the S08 is said to be made of a ceramic material,

Under-the-hood, so to speak, the S08 houses a large 1360mAh battery good enough for a full 2 days of usage, and with a clever battery dock the watch can be recharged on the go without mains electricity. A neat feature to have for all you bikepackers.

rollme s08
Large battery promises 48 hours of use.

On the smart side of this smart device, the Rollme S08 has 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory, a 4G LTE data connection and support for GPS and Glonass navigation. Of course, the S08 also has all the usual sports and health tracking features along with a heartrate sensor. And if all that wasn’t enough then a couple of cameras in the body mean you can take photos, and even make video calls from your wrist.

Looking at the Rollme website, the S08 comes with the watch, charging dock and silicone strap, which we hope is more comfortable than the one on the Amazefit T Rex for around $199.99, but online resellers have the device listed for around £140. We’ve been promised one of the first samples and plan to review the Rollme S08 as soon as it lands at the office.

Rollme S08 Features

  • 50M & 48Hours Waterproof, IP68 Ultimate Protection
  • 8MP Front Camera+ 8MP Side Camera
  • Reflective Ceramic Bezel
  • 1.69 inch IPS Display Screen
  • 1360mAh Big Battery + 2200mAh Charging compartment
  • 3+32GB4G LTE Global Bands Support, GPS & Glonass

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