DJI OSMO Mobile 3 Released For stable shredits

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DJI has released a new version of its mobile camera gimbal today called the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and it has some mountain bike friendly updates.

DJI, the Chinese drone maker, has really stretched its legs over the past 12 months by launching more than just drones. In just the past year DJI has released the Osmo Mini, the Osmo Action and today the Osmo Mobile 3.

The Osmo Mobile 3 is a small handheld gimbal designed to be used with your current smartphone to help you create super-stable video. Unlike some gimbals, the Mobile 3 isn’t designed to be worn but held or placed on a tripod, but thanks to smart features this could be all you need to start shooting your own videos.

Of course, the stabilisation feature of a mobile phone gimbal is what will attract most buyers to the Osmo Mobile 3, but DJI is offering more than just smooth shots. Using a dedicated app installed on your phone, the OSMO Mobile 3 will actively track an object and even respond to hand gestures. We’ve seen similar options on DJI drones, but this is the first time the gesture and tracking options have come to the DJI Mobile range.

Active tracking could be a great feature for us riders when we’re out shooting for our latest Instagram edit, but perhaps even better is the ability to fold the Osmo Mobile 3 for easier storage and carrying.

DJI Osmo mobile 3 in action.

Because there is no built-in camera, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is actually very well priced too and in the UK will cost just £99. DJI has already listed the mini gimbal online where it’s available to order today.

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    The Osmo pocket (which is basically the drone camera and gimbal with a handle) is absolutely hopeless, because it locks onto fairly random things left to itself and will then gimbal like hell to keep (say) your elbow in shot.

    The drone software can lock onto very distinct targets, but has serious difficulty keeping locked onto something that changes shape (like someone riding a bike through a corner).

    DJI stuff isn’t bad, but my experience of the Osmo pocket in particular has been frustrating: the gap between promo video and user experience is massive.

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