Strava Offer Device Insurance

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Straaaavaaaa! Sure to get heart rates up, and that’s just discussing it with other mountain bikers in the office. Whenever you stand on it, it’s here to stay, and they’ve just announced some new perks for premium members, one of which is insurance! Unlike many of their Premium perks, this includes users in the UK and Australia, not just the USA.

It’s not third party or public liability for going headfirst through gates I’m afraid, but you shouldn’t be riding like a tit with or without insurance anyway. No, this is for repair or replacement of any devices you use for Strava and break while riding (up to £350), and/or taxi fare if a mechanical strands you somewhere (up to £30).

It’s time to bolt your £600 phone to your handlebars!

Strava sum it up thus:

Handcrafted insurance for athletes – includes $50 reimbursement for travel as the result of an accident or mechanical breakdown, free race-entry reimbursement for runners, device coverage and discounts on bike, travel, life, and health insurance (where permitted).

Ahhh, handcrafted insurance products, just like our granddads used to make in the garage. Sundays write:

Device Damage*
If you crash your bicycle and damage your device while tracking your Strava activity, we will reimburse you up to USD 600, GBP 350 or AUD 800 for the repair or replacement cost of the damaged device.

Taxi Fare*
As a Strava Premium Member, getting home if your bike breaks down need not cost you anything. Recover cab fares paid of up to USD 50, GBP 30 or AUD 65.

Note those all important asterisks, expanded on at the Sundays website.

It also covers race entry fees for runners in the event of injury, but not cyclists by the looks of it. Note the amounts, and that they’re not quite going to cover a brand spankers iPhone or get you home from the Strathpuffer, but every little helps eh? Here’s a list of what you get for a Strava premium subscription.

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