Fresh Frost Friday 002 – The win a beanie episode

by Mark Alker 5

Welcome to episode two of our snow based FGF.

We’ve got two boards and a set of angelic looking bindings for you this week, the back drop to each being slope-side in Whistler, BC. If we’d known that snowmageddon was just around the corner for the UK though, we could have saved ourselves the trip and just headed outside. How’s the snow situation where you are today? Did the overnight dumping of literally inches of fresh pow grind your local train service to a halt? And just how is it that British snow seems to be more inhibiting to daily life than anywhere else in the world?

Whistler has had several metres of snow in the last few months and even that pales by comparison to what’s landed on northern parts of the Alps. But somehow they keep the roads going and people get to work.

Anyway, less of the uncharacteristic British whinging about the weather and on to the goods that have fallen into our insulated laps this week.

Jones Dream Catcher 148

A women’s do it all board from the world of Jeremy Jones, the Dreamcatcher is aimed at the fun loving all mountain rider. It’s a mid flex (6/10) board with a mildly directional profile to ensure that nipping off the piste for a bit of fun in the deep stuff is within it’s remit. It’s a camber underfoot with rocker to the tips, so it should be lots of fun on all parts of the hill outside of the park. We’ll see how it gets on over the coming weeks.

jones dreamcatcher snowboard whistler peak fresh frost friday

Now Vetta Bindings

These women’s bindings come in three colours and feature a Skate-Tech base plate, a pivoting base plate designed to offer a ride feel similar to what skateboarders get through a deck – snowboarders invented skateboarding you see…. or was it surfers? Or did surfers invent both? Who knows? I bet someone out there does. They come with four squishy bushings for each ‘corner’ and you can swap them out to tune the feel of the binding.

now bindings snowboard whistler peak

Yes Optimistic 156

A hybrid camber board that promises to perform in a way perhaps not suggested by its asymetric looks. The nose is long – I mean very long and the tail is so short it screams powder board. But it’s the effective edge that makes the difference and when you look into that you see things differently. The tail curls up so sharply at the effective edge start point that it’s almost all edge whereas  at the front you get the opposite, with a long slowly rising nose. The effect is that with a centred stance in relation to the effective edge it looks like you are set way back. The idea is that this allows you to ride it like a twin on the hard stuff and simply let the nose deal with the pow in the soft stuff. All helped by the wide waist , aggressive sidecut and underbite – this should be a fun ‘do a bit of everything’ board that Yes recommends you ride a tad shorter than your usual board length.

That’s it for this week. Apparently there’s lots more kit heading our way from various corners of the snow world, including some XC skiing gear. As soon as it lands we’ll let you know about it. If you are already the lucky owner of any of the kit you see here then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Tunes and Win a Beanie

Now the tunes… Who gets the snowboard reference? We’ve got a Singletrack beanie for the first person to get it in the comments below.

In case you missed it

Comments (5)

    “Head for the hills pick up steel on your way”?

    It is one of the soundtracks to the awesome snowboard flick The Art of Flight

      Winner winner chicken dinner. That’s the connection we’ve got. Drop me an email ( using the one you have registered to your account and I’ll get James to pop a beanie in the post for you 🙂

      The Art Of Flight soundtrack is as amazing as the film itself.

    I have the optimisci and it’s actually best in hard snow. The underbite tech is decent and gives a really stong hold but doesn’t grab pow. Very good in pow too mind. Enjoy!

    I’m also off XC skiing after work. Interested to see what you are going to test!

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