A date with the Duke: the first Dukes Weekender didn’t disappoint

Antony heads north, but not too far, to visit the Trossachs – home of the Dukes Weekender

MEGA GALLERY: Bikes of Grinduro 2018, from the wonderful to the plain weird

We take a virtual wander around the Grinduro village and pick our favourite bikes spotted.

Landrun 100 – Paul Errington’s experience

Our man in the north (east), Paul Errington, jetted off to Oklahoma to take part in the Landrun 100, looking to lay the demons of a mechanical in 2017 to…

bikepacking australia endurance

Indian Pacific Wheel Race Heads For Sprint Finish

5000km of racing and it's about as close as it could get

cyclocross race ipswich

Inside The 2016 British National Trophy Series – Ipswich

Round #4 of the 2016 British National Trophy Series has been run and won, and Chris Lanaway was there to capture all the action.

Gravel Bike, Dirty Reiver

Dishing the Dirt on the Dirty Reiver. Rider Reports Number 5!

Kevin found that The Dirty Reiver was an incredible event, physically brutal, mentally tough. “Back next year?” he asked himself over beer, and later, whisky. No way. But now? Yes,…

Sunset gravel

Dishing the dirt on The Dirty Reiver – Episode 1

What is riding 200km of gravel roads really like? Find out in our first report.

Dirty Reiver

2016 Dirty Reiver United Kingdom Gravel Event Wrap Up

The US-style gravel event has made its mark on the United Kingdom. In a good way.

Grinduro - Photo credit Jordan Haggard

The Grinduro Returns for 2016

Take a gravel road race, add a mountain bike-style enduro and you’ll get the Grinduro. “One long loop of road and dirt, where finishing times aren’t based on overall loop time,...

2016 Cyclocross World Championships

2016 Cyclocross World Championships Summary and Photos

Technological Fraud, be damned. There was some great racing this weekend in Zolder!

US National Cyclocross Championships

Report & Gallery: US Cyclocross National Championships

Compton and Powers continue their reign over cyclocross in the United States after muddy races in Asheville.

UK National Cyclocross Championships

UK National Cyclocross Championships 2016

It was an insanely muddy affair, with Harris and Killeen being crowned elite champions.

Zonhoven Superprestige grit

No Day at the Beach – Zonhoven Gallery

It was a weekend full of sand, racing, steep descents, more sand and cyclocross in Zonhoven, Belgium.

Rapha Supercross Shibden

Rapha Supercross Rounds 1 & 2 Photo Gallery

Rounds 1 and 2 of Rapha Supercross were a lot of fun! Here's photographic evidence.

View From the Rear Welsh

View From The Rear – Welsh Cyclocross Series – 4 – Dare Valley

Jon Parker recalls this 'new' race venue in the latest stop on the Welsh Cyclocross Series.

Welsh Cyclocross Series

View from the Rear – Welsh Cyclocross Series – 2 – Aberystwyth

Lessons learned and lessons earned in the Welsh Cyclocross series. Installment Two.

CrossVegas Quartuccio

CrossVegas Photo Gallery

CrossVegas may have been a week ago, but its memory (and this gallery) is still fresh in our memories.

Welsh Cyclocross Series

The View From The Rear: Welsh Cyclocross Series, Round One

Round One of the Welsh Cyclocross Series can be 'crossed off.

Critical Dirt - A study in crossification

Critical Dirt – A study in crossification

Off-road bicycle racing on unpaved roads is quite popular in the United States, but it's also been going down in Germany for a while!

Racing Around a Victorian Town: The Queen Victoria CX

A cyclocross race in a Victorian town, with its residents in period-specific costumes. For real.


A Mountain Bike Race as ‘Cross Season Training

Jimmy pulls out the mountain bike to race Ramsey’s Revenge 2015 as a tune-up for the upcoming cyclocross season.

Cross Worlds: The hunt for the stripey jumper

After a great weekend of racing in Tabor, we bring you a round up of the action from the World Championships.

GoGo!!! Hellcross 2014

Belgium is the home to some top-level cyclocross. It's also the home to some quite disruptive cyclocross racing.

Pictures and video’s from grit.cx members at Milton Keynes World Cup

We've put together this gathering of images - static and moving - that grit.cx members have sent to us after the epic event that was #MKWCX

Charging Rapha

A video from last weekend's Rapha Supercross, seen through the eyes of team Charge Bikes

Video: Ronse B-Post Trophy mans Race

Need some lunchtime viewing? Sit back with the full race from Ronse and see if Styby can beat his Svenness..

Videos: Gieten Super Prestige highlights

The cross race season is well underway in its spiritual homeland. Heres a little video of the highlights from the Gieten Super Prestige race that went down over the weekend.…

The 3 Peaks – The peculiarly British cross race

We've put together this little gallery and a few details together to sum up this, the 52nd running, of Yorkshire's iconic 3 Peaks.

Cross Vegas – Racing baby…

So, the time is finally upon us - the big names are about to make their maiden outing. Its Cross Vegas time.

Cyclocross Comes to Yanqing, China

Some top names in cyclocross descended upon Yanqing, China for an early season race.