Focussed North – A Gravel Adventure With The New Focus Atlas

Words by Dean Hersey. Photos by Trail Creatives. Curiosity is a strange feeling. With a Summer of riding around our local routes and a whole year’s worth of riding plans...

Thames Trippin’

Riding along the river Thames “Hey, look at those seals,” Russ cried out, pointing towards the low waterline. Seals? In the River Thames estuary? Surely not. I could see four...

The GR247: the Woodlands of the South of Spain

The first trip… I’ve been into mountain biking for as long as I can remember, and over the last couple of years have also taken a fancy to longer road/gravel...

Gritty Dramas

Words by Ian Bailey Photos by David ‘Sanny’ Gould The Cairngorms National Park is long-esteemed as a superb and testing venue for walkers, climbers, skiers, and those quintessential hardmen, the...

Storm Dodging in the Alps

They say, “Pack light, travel far.” My dad always said, “Pack what you think you’ll need, then halve it.” I did that, which led to a social riding weekend becoming...

Silesia, or what not to do and where not to go.

Words and Photos: Fed by Wild The damn daily treadmill had bent our necks so low that when we had finally raised our sight above the desks, keyboards, and coffee...

Photo: Bruce Dalton

The Distance

It takes some doing, getting out of a family weekend away to spend that time riding bikes and living like a homeless person in the Galloway Hills in Scotland with...

This Is My Road Bike

The typical definition of a ‘road bike’ is flawed. It’s time to change it. Hannah’s piece from a couple weeks ago got me thinking … or rather, became another set...

’Cross vs. Mountain Bike; or, A Proper Weekend Getaway

In the Spring a cyclist’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of bikepacking. At last, the leaves are unfolding a green canopy over road and trail, prompting thoughts of where best...

The Night We Called It A Day

You often hear people referring to tone, athletes and coaches in pre-game interviews speaking about “setting the tone early in a game.” Musicians obsess about tone—is it too warm, too...

Cheating Suffering

Hannah feels her 200km riding feat is tainted by luck and laziness

Bikepacking with a Hammock

A few years ago, a prime bikepacking opportunity came my way and I decided to try something different in terms of shelter. I wanted to go ‘ultralight’, or at least...

I'll Have My Eggs Over Barbed Wire

I’ll Have My Eggs Over Barbed Wire

A Ranchland Scramble Comes Out Well Done

The Gravel Agents

Stepping out of the comfort zone, and onto the dirt roads of the Alps.

Station To Station

36 hours on the tour divide.

The Last Saturday in April

Seeking fish, adventure and friendship on two wheels.

Round-The-World Rigs

Breaking the rules of adulthood - Losing the clutter and loading the bikes.

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