Salsa Journeyer

Salsa Journeyer ditches The Man and embraces everyone

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Previously known as the Journeyman, the renamed Journeyer is Salsa’s do-as-much-as-possible bike. Dropbar or flatbar. Covered in bosses. Nice paintjobs.

Salsa Journeyer
Salsa Journeyer in the meadows

Salsa Journeyer nutshelled

  • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
  • 12 x 142 mm thru-axle or 10 x 135 mm quick-release
  • 440 mm chainstays
  • Internal cable routing inc. dropper post routing
  • Flat-mount brakes
  • Rack and fender mounts
  • 68mm threaded bottom bracket
  • Accommodates up 700c x 50 mm or 650b x 55 mm tires
  • Fork has fender mounts, Low-rider rack mounts and a Three-Pack mount on each leg
  • Three-Pack mount on top of down tube for use with Salsa Anything Bracket and/or water bottle placement versatility
  • Bottle or accessory mount on underside of down tube
  • Top tube bag mount
  • Rear rack mounts and lowrider front rack mounts
  • Prices from £1,070 to £2,350

Salsa are at pains to explain that the new Journeyer has a redesigned frameset. It’s not just a rebadging and some BNG (Bold New Graphics).

Why the name change? Basically, JourneyMAN was deemed a bit naff.

Salsa: “In 2020 Salsa consulted with a third-party group to audit our product names for problematic or offensive vocabulary. Based on feedback from them and our customers, we feel that a genderless product name is more welcoming of all people. We also feel that the word journey is vital to this product’s equity in the market.”

All bikes are rad

Which is fair enough and a welcome change. Anyway, back to the bike…

The Salsa Journeyer is essentially intended to appealk to three different markes. There’s the hypebeastly Gravel Scene, the luggage-centric Bikepacking Brigade and, we reckon, Normal People Who Don’t Like Racey Road Bikes.

The Journeyer can be set-up for various levels of adventure. Just stick a water bottle in it and go for a local ride. Stick a couple of bottle on it and a seatpack and go gravelling your face off for hours on end. Festoon the frame with all of the bottles and bike bags that you own and bikepack until the break o’ dawn.

Salsa Journeyer geometry

We should point here that although available in flatbar guise, the UK importers of Salsa will be concentrating on the dropbar guises.

UK pricing

GRX600 700c £2,350
GRX600 650b £2,350
Apex 1 700c £1,700
Apex 1 650b £1,700
Sora 700c £1,400
Sora 650b £1,400
Claris 700c £1,070
Claris 650b £1,070
Frameset £710

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