Cannondale Topstone Carbon shock-less full susser

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Cannondale Topstone Carbon sees improved geometry and Kingpin shock-less suspension. Designed to go anywhere and ride everything.

Cannondale Topstone Carbon

Cannondale Topstone Carbon press release

Cannondale is Redefining the Limits of Adventure with the All-New Topstone Carbon Gravel Bike

The new Topstone Carbon features Cannondale’s revolutionary Kingpin suspension, built to be 100 grams lighter, more durable, and more streamlined than before. Kingpin absorbs bumps and vibrations without the weight and complexity of shocks or springs by using a thru-axle pivot in the seat tube that allows the entire back of the frame to flex. It’s real suspension where it matters.

In combination with Cannondale’s applied Proportional Response, which ensures that riders of all sizes get the best performance and comfort out of their bike, Kingpin gives every Topstone rider better traction on rough terrain and lets them carve corners with conviction. Additional geometry changes including lower standover and bottom bracket height, add even more confidence to the ride.

Cannondale Topstone Carbon
Cannondale Topstone Carbon

Topstone Carbon easily ventures off the beaten path with Cannondale’s award-winning Lefty Oliver, the smoothest, most-precise handling gravel fork in the world. But now, Lefty models come standard with 700c wheels making Topstone journey ready. The bike can accommodate tires up to 45mm, and it can even hold a big 27.5” x 2.1” tire to tackle any surface thrown its way. To make things as easy as possible, Topstone Carbon now comes with a traditional wheel dish and threaded BSA bottom bracket, making it simple to swap for a different wheelset or new cranks. Topstone also has plenty of mounts and a Cannondale StrapRack so you can gear up for roads less traveled.

Topstone Carbon features SmartSense, Cannondale’s intelligent system of lights and radar that actively communicates with the rider, bike, and surroundings, powered by a single battery. It has been made to provide enhanced awareness while also creating heightened visibility so the rider can more effectively see and be seen out on the open road. All Topstone Carbons are SmartSense Ready, and some models come with it already available on the bike.

The all-new Topstone Carbon will be available in sizes XS – XL. Topstone Carbon 1 Lefty and Topstone Carbon 2 Lefty are equipped with Lefty Oliver. SmartSense will be featured on carbon models 1 RLE, 2 L, and 3 L.

Nothing is Impassable

Go ahead, ride it. If your idea of a fun road ride starts where the pavement ends, no other gravel bike can take you further than the Topstone Carbon and its revolutionary Kingpin suspension system. Offered with either a rigid carbon fork, or as a full dual suspension machine with the Lefty Oliver gravel fork, these bikes offer traction, comfort and control beyond the dreams of other drop-bar bikes. On everything from beat-up backroads to full-tilt singletrack, Topstone Carbon lets you get in deep & come out smiling.

Kingpin Suspension.

Delivering a smooth ride without the added weight and complexity of a shock and links, Kingpin is our answer for the most demanding gravel riders. Whether you need more comfort to go long, more traction to push beyond or more give to take on the tech – Kingpin is the maintenance-free, lightweight answer to your prayers.

As You Like It.

A configuration for every gravel style. On the 1 and 2 models, choose between the rowdy capability of Lefty or the added security of SmartSense. The 3 is offered with or without SmartSense lights. And the 4 is SmartSense-ready for future upgrades.

Lefty Goes Big.

Now designed around 700c wheels, with room for up to 45mm tires, the smoothest, most precise-handling gravel fork in the world has gotten even faster. With bigger wheels and 30mm of bob-free travel, Lefty Oliver gives you the comfort and control to push it harder than ever.

Ride Brilliantly.

All new Topstone Carbon models are either equipped with or ready to upgrade to our SmartSense system of rear-facing radar and intelligent running lights. It’s never been easier to ride smart.

Load Up. Roll Out.

With plentiful gear and waterbottle mounts on the frame and fork, Topstone Carbon is ready to load up and go long.

Corner like a Boss.

Rail through the rough and come out smiling. Led by our OutFront steering geometry, the Topstone Carbon offers up handling that’s serenely stable in the chop, and light & nimble everywhere else.

Tuned for the Rider

Our Proportional Response size-specific construction creates optimal frame stiffness and compliance for each frame size, so that every rider has the ideal ride feel and comfort of Kingpin.

Engineered Simplicity

New low-friction bushings on the Kingpin thru-axle offer smooth action, maintenance- free reliability and over 100 grams of weight savings vs the previous cartridge bearings.

Lefty Oliver

The ultimate gravel suspension fork. Unique single-sided design and needle-bearing internals deliver unmatched steering precision and smoothness for unreal control and comfort. In both carbon and alloy versions.

Clearance and Compatibility

The new dropped chainstay design lets you run big volume tires (up to 700x45mm or 27.5×2.1″, with 6mm of mud-shedding clearance on each side), all with a standard dish (non-Ai) rear wheel for easy interchangeability.

Hollowgram 22 Carbon Wheels

Light, smooth and guaranteed for life, these carbon hoops were made for gravel! The 25mm internal width is perfect for bigger tires and the 22mm deep profile takes the sting out of the rough and rugged. Just 1500 grams/pair.

OutFront Steering Geometry

Confident stability meets nimble agility. An extra long fork offset paired with a slack head angle keeps the steering light and lively, yet delivers unreal confidence at speed and in the rough stuff.


An integrated wheel sensor delivers hyper-accurate speed, route and distance info while you ride, registers your bike, reminds you of needed service and more, all through the free Cannondale App.

Dropper Ready

Built to accept an internally-routed 27.2mm dropper seatpost, which shouldn’t really be a surprise on a bike this off-road capable.


  • 700c Topstone Crb 1 RLE, £8,000
  • 700c Topstone Crb 2 Left, £4,500
  • 700c Topstone Crb 2 L, £4,500
  • 650b Topstone Crb 3, £3,200
  • 700c Topstone Crb 3, £3,200
  • 700c Topstone Crb 4, £2,800

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    Sniggers: strap on!

    I like that a lot. I loved the Slate when I rode it but this looks like a really positive step forward. My mate was riding his sans Lefty with me in Flanders last week and coped easily with the cobbles. This feels like a case of full sus gravel making sense.

    I really like the concept that is going on here. Soft tails are great on many trails. I once owned a Salsa Dos Niner that had a 1 inch air shock and no pivots… it worked really well. And Lauf… Lauf forks again prove that pivot-less sus really works.
    I think bike designers often focus on racing, big hits, hard climbing and DHing… where the reality for many people is over the hills riding on the South Downs. I think the rise of gravel has focussed design on everyday riding. And that is a good thing.

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