There’s a new Pinnacle Arkose and we think it might be more versatile than ever

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The Pinnacle Arkose has almost reached Hoover standards amongst our #dirtydropbargoodness fraternity. Its name is now virtually interchangeable with a good value gravel bike. You know the drill: a friend asks for gravel bike recommendations around £1000. If you’ve not got there first, someone will probably recommend an Arkose. And for good reason too. The Arkose has earned its reputation based on solid geometry and well thought out specification for the money.

The Arkose Dirt 3

Time for redesign?

Building on its popularity, Evans Cycles has announced a new line of Pinnacle Arkose bikes for 2019. The range has undergone the most significant re-design in its 7-year history. All the new bikes maintain the same geometry that the line is renowned for. Much else is new though: custom-formed tubes, a fully modular dropout and a bridgeless seat stay design.

The only 1x option – the Arkose X

Where Pinnacle really sees the new Arkose standing apart from the crowd is its versatility. The new Arkose frame can fit either single or double chainring options, electronic or cable gears as well as full compatibility for wheel size (650B x 52C or 700C x 45mm) and rear axle type. Internal front (on those bikes with a full carbon fork) and rear dynamo light routing and mudguard mounts come as standard. All of which makes the Arkose a great long distance touring, audax or bikepacking option.

Our favourite paint job of the range is on the cheapest bike in the range – the Dirt 1

Road or Dirt?

Also new for 2019, the Arkose now comes in two formats – Arkose Road and Arkose Dirt. With three different specs to choose from in the Dirt and two for the Road, both options use the same frame and fork allowing riders to simply choose the wheels and gearing most closely matched to their needs.

The “road” spec bikes aren’t exactly a classic road bike. This is the Road 2

Designed for those who want to explore the trails at the end of the road, the Dirt models come with a compact 48/32 chainset. Coming with wide ratio cassettes and 45mm tyres this bike is built to handle the rough stuff you’ll find where the road runs out.

This is the women’s version of the Road 1

Road models are ready for the rider who sees tarmac as a route to anywhere and distance as the measure to be pushed. 2x gearing and 32mm tyres are specced as standard, making the bike a good option for both endurance road and light gravel use, helping riders tackle whatever the road throws at them. 

And here’s the women’s Dirt 2

Room for something a little different

Completing the range are the Arkose X and Alfine 8 models. Equipped with high volume 650b x 47c WTB Byway tyres, a SRAM Rival 1 groupset plus a comfort and control-enhancing flared adventure bar, the Arkose X is a bike that’ll let you take on pretty much any route open to you. The Arkose Alfine is Pinnacle’s “ultimate commuter”, composing an Alfine hub gear, TRP hydraulic brakes for all weather stopping, and tubeless ready wheels to minimise punctures.

Not a singlespeed. An Alfine hub is tucked away on the, er, Alfine 8 model

Prices and availability

The new Pinnacle Arkose bikes are now available to pre-order and are expected to be in-stock at the beginning of March. For more information on the new range, visit

  • Pinnacle Arkose D1 – £825
  • Pinnacle Arkose D2 – £1,025
  • Pinnacle Arkose D3 – £1,300
  • Pinnacle Arkose R1 – £900
  • Pinnacle Arkose R2 – £1,250
  • Pinnacle Arkose Alfine 8 – £1,000
  • Pinnacle Arkose X – £1,400
The Dirt 1, women’s spec. We love the tan walls.

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