Beth’s 3 Peaks Journey

Column: Highs and Lows – Beth’s 3 Peaks Journey – Part 2

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Power – Dressing, Not Watts
So I’m in full on training mode. Even though I am still in a semi-blissful state of not really knowing how hard this race is going to be, the training programme so far has given me a small indication of what’s to come.
Beth’s 3 Peaks Journey

Monster sessions of mostly riding then running then riding then yep you guessed it have left me with thousand yard stares that seem to last for days. Mid-way through one session I didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or cry hysterically. Let’s get one thing straight- there ain’t no way in hell that I’ll be winning this thing- I just want to perform respectably. I.e finish. In one piece. And before midnight. Now questioning whether this is too much to ask.
My trip to a well-known cyclists haunt last week was interesting. Running up hills with a bike on your shoulder initially was quite fun. ‘Look at me’ I internally sang as I ran* (*slow plod) up the hill while other weekend warriors took the ‘easy’ route cycling up the tarmac. Quick hop on bike at top, roll down and repeat. Legs felt fresh, all was good. Second lap was less enjoyable as the calves started to scream…the third we won’t talk about for fear of using unprintable words. Can’t even remember the last two, probably for the best.
Beth’s 3 Peaks Journey
Needless to say all was forgotten about with a massive tub of gelato later in the day. Until the next morning when upon waking felt like I had been steamrollered. And let’s not dwell too much on the pain discovered when putting on a backpack…dear god. How on earth do I keep the weight off everywhere apart from my right shoulder, strap a Big Mac to it? Anyone? I’ve started to read blogs from previous years about how to overcome this issue, only to discover that padding the bike leads to more problems than not padding the bike.  Maggie Thatcher-esque 80’s shoulder pads might be the way forward. If all else fails at least I’ll have the power dressing on point. I’ve already started looking for ‘the’ 3 Peaks socks. Recommendations on a postcard please.
Beth Bryn Hodge (@bethbrynhodge)

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