Kask Infinity – good for hot or cold apparently

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The press release with the new Kask Infinity helmet declares “The cyclocross season is almost upon us!” – well, we’re not sure how late the Italian CX season starts, but we’re way ahead of you there, sirs.
The two photos that accompany it also talk of a cyclocross scene that’s reasonably unfamiliar to most British riders – the ‘hot and dusty’ CX race (the recent Three Peaks excluded) and the ‘dry and cold’ race. Both seemingly regular scenes in the US though. The benefits of the Infinity, though, cross all borders. There’s a well vented helmet for summer use, with CoolMax and 3D Dry padding, and then when the snow, sleet and rain hits, you slide down the Star Wars blast shield and close up the front vents to save you from ice cream headache.

What is this ‘dooost’ of which you speak?

The Kask Infinity is available in the following colours: Black/Lime, Black/Red, White, Red, Black.
Far more like it, though the rider is far too clean for us…

We’ll look forward to giving it a try when it appears.

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